Riding the Tide: 10 Packaging Trends for 2019

When we’re packaging our products, we’re always wary of looking too trendy. That said, packaging needs to be visually attractive, practical, and relevant. What will buyers be looking for in 2019?

Packaging Trends 2019

Here are 10 features we are forecasting will have maximum shelf appeal.

1. Soft colors

What we’re not doing for packaging in 2019 is anything that could be considered “aggressive”. This applies mainly to the most obvious detail – packaging color. Expect more subdued hues and pastels. Dove gray, muted celery, and whisper pink are a few examples.

2. Minimalist design

In advertising, there’s the old adage, “show, don’t tell.” What if your product is so great, so essential, that there’s little need for showing or telling? Spare design that gets the point across is growing in popularity with consumers.

3. Environmentally friendly

Now is not the time to ignore the eco-conscious consumer. Even plastic packaging designers/manufacturers like PTI plastic packaging are prioritizing sustainability to a customer base that demands it. Clearly stating this immediately makes buyers feel good about choosing your product.

4. Homespun scrawls

Fonts and graphics are key to a package, and next year, many companies are making it a point to keep it relatable. From writing that resembles the way we’d jot down a note, to drawings that wouldn’t look totally out of place taped to the fridge, some will be bringing package art down to earth.

5. No-fuss

A package that has to be torn, unwrapped, punctured, pierced, and broken down is useless to many consumers. One that pops right open, closes back up, and doesn’t contain a bunch of extraneous filler? That’s what 2019’s consumer is all about.

No fuss packaging

6. Cinematic elements

If you’re not going minimal (and not everyone should), consider creating a moment on your package that tells a story. Some brands are doing this by including art that’s reminiscent of what we’d see on a movie poster. It’s just one frame, but the consumer can imagine an entire storyline springing up around the image.

7. Luxe looks

The buyer who likes the finer things isn’t going anywhere, either. Those who buy high-priced goods demand packaging that fits the bill, too. Rigid, display-worthy boxes in designer colors and finishes should increasingly accompany high-end accessories, fragrances, and more.

8. Customer options

Today’s wide range of buying choices has brought forth a consumer desire to have a say in every product feature, including packaging. Giving customers the option to select less packaging, reusable packaging, frustration-free packaging, and so on will gain in popularity.

Offer customers multiple packaging options

9. Vintage flavor

For some companies, you cannot go wrong with nostalgia. Vintage moods that evoke memories or make a product seem more timeless will continue to trend into next year.

10. Honesty

Honesty in packaging might not just apply to labeling, but literal transparency. Many consumers who are distrustful of advertising claims prefer packaging that’s clear, so they’re very aware of what they’re purchasing.


What does your audience demand? Less packaging, recycled packaging, minimalist design, or all three? With a versatile range of attributes continuing to trend upward in 2019, you won’t struggle to find the best packaging strategy for your product.


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