Essential Spa Equipment That You Should Purchase When Opening Your Very Own Salon

You’ve discovered the salon of your dreams and are prepared to move your attention away from the location and onto in-store events. One of the following tasks is to determine what hair, beauty, and nail equipment, furniture, and other spa equipment that you will require. And, with so much information available, this process may be rather daunting.

Salon business

Even if you’re establishing a brand-new business, you’ll still be expected to provide a completely professional service to your customers – after all, they’re paying for your services! As a result, it’s critical to have a diverse range of equipment to meet their hair and beauty needs.

To assist you throughout this process, we’ve compiled a helpful list of the goods you’ll need to open your own salon.

Essential Furniture for a Hair and Beauty Salon

Every one of these salons requires a range of different types of salon furniture to assure their clients’ comfort and, of course, their treatment!

Here are some must-have equipment for your new hair and beauty salon:

  • Desk for the reception – This is where clients may schedule appointments and report upon arrival.
  • Chairs for the salon and barbershop – If you’re opening a barbershop or hair salon, one of the most essential items you’ll acquire is the grooming chair for your guests.
  • Styling units – Whether wall-mounted or island-mounted, they are required in every salon since they allow clients to see the final results of their treatments.
  • Beauty sofas – If you provide services that need consumers to lie down, such as waxing, a beauty couch is an essential purchase.
  • Beauty trolleys – Invest in a trolley to eliminate the need to transport equipment from one section of the salon to another. You may stock these with all the tools necessary to treat consumers such as hair rollers and clips.
  • Reception chairs – If you are unable to service a customer and their substitute arrives, you will want a waiting area for them. Additionally, acquire a chair to place behind the reception desk in case additional staff is necessary to staff the counter or verify the books.
  • Salon retail stands – These are ideal for displaying your items to customers.
  • Magazine racks – Provide clients with the option of reading a magazine or newspaper before or during therapy. Additionally, it will assist in keeping your salon clean and appealing.
  • Footrests – A must for hairdressers and barbers in order to maintain your clients’ comfort and balance while you cut and style their hair.
  • Stools – Regardless of the services offered in your salon, stools will be required for treatment. Consider the number of individuals who will enter your institution and require towels as a result of their services. Maintain a sanitary and tidy salon by washing and cleaning your hands after each client.
  • A washing machine and a dryer are a must-have for any salon. Consider how many people will enter your establishment and demand towels for their services. Ensure that you wash and clean your hands after each client to keep your salon sanitary and tidy.

High-Quality Hair Supplies

For those of you opening a hair salon or barbershop, the procedure might be lengthy. You will utilize a variety of tools during the washing, cutting, drying, and styling process, including the following:

  • Hairdressing scissors and razors – Razors, a variety of scissors, and blades for a variety of hairstyles
  • Towels and gowns for hairdressers – To preserve customers’ clothes
  • Shampoo and conditioner, moisturizers, treatments, sprays, mousses, and gels for hair care and perming
  • Electricals for hairdressing – hairdryers, straighteners, clippers, tongs, wands.
  • Combs and brushes – for detangling, blow drying, finishing, and making updos
  • Hair dye materials – Gloves, foils, mixing bowls, aprons, application brushes, water sprays, towels, peroxide, bleach, and a variety of colors.
  • Salon hygiene products – used to disinfect brushes and equipment following client treatment and to maintain cleanliness.
  • Extensions and cushioning for hair.

Salon business

Salon and Spa Supplies

A beauty salon offers a wide variety of services. It’s critical to consider the services you’ll provide and the tasks your personnel will be taught to perform.

  • Supplies for nail services – there are a lot of shades for nail paint and gel polish that you should have, also get UV/LED lamps, acrylic, nail files, acetone, buffers, oils for the cuticle, towels for the hands, and nail tips.
  • Nail supplies – Numerous nail paint shades, gel polish shades, UV/LED lamps, acrylic, nail files, acetone, buffers, cuticle oils, tools, hand towels, and nail tips.
  • Products for hair removal – you should have a wax warmer, a wide range of wax tapes, lotion for pre and post-wax, equipment for cleaning solution, wax strips, spatula, couch roll, as well as tweezers.
  • Professional spray tanning products such as spray tanning machines, cubicles or tents, tanning liquid, extractor, gloves, disposable soles, disposable undergarments, and also protective covering for the floor.
  • Kits for lashes and brows – these include a wide array of lash sizes, tints for brows and eyelashes, tweezers, dappen dish, tint developer, brush for tinting, glue, and under-eye patches.

Equipment for Salon Administration

Every business requires an administrative department — and salons are no exception. It is necessary to monitor everyday operations within the salon, including customer reservations, employee information, money management, and other routine chores. Maintain organization and efficiency with the following elements.

  • You should have a laptop or a desktop computer because this is where you will conduct company operations and advertise your brand on social media. To maintain the security of employee and client information, ensure that everything is password secured. We recommend that you create an email address so that consumers may contact you for information or to make a reservation.
  • You should have a dedicated phone, whether it’s a cell phone or a landline, just to make sure that your salon has a contact number where clients may call to schedule an appointment.
  • Stationery as well as appointment book – This is another important item as you should make sure that there are enough quantities for your pens and pencils which are perfect for modifying your canceled slots in the appointment book. So, make sure that you keep a calculator on hand so that when a customer has a lot of treatments, you can easily calculate the expenses.
  • Get a contactless card reader because this can make it easy for your clients to pay either with their card or their phone.
  • A place to deposit tips – if your salon takes them! This is ideally placed on the front desk.

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