How to Improve Website Conversion

The goal of many websites is to convert visitors into buyers. But it’s not always clear what steps to take in order to increase a conversion rate. This indicator is influenced by many variables that can be selected by testing different strategies.


In this article, we’ll tell you about some hacks that will help you improve your website conversions.

Ask your clients

Clients using your website are those who can give the best guidance on its optimization. Tracking how visitors interact with your application is easy. This information will inspire ideas to improve your website’s effectiveness.

The benefit of this step is confirmed by a survey conducted by Moz. The team asked the platform subscribers what they liked about the service, what had made them subscribe to it, why they unsubscribed, and how they would like to improve it. Moz also went through the purchase funnel to understand and improve the client experience. Thanks to the information received, the company optimized its landing pages and increased conversion by 51.83%.

Remove distracting elements from your pages

Big navigation elements, font, color, animation, and banners can be viewed as an organic part of the website by its owner. But if they distract clients from taking the targeted action, it lowers the conversion rate.

Optimize your website navigation

Improperly designed navigation confuses clients and can kill landing page conversions. Some companies are improving sales by removing the navigation bar from their landing pages.

For example, the online kitchen utensil store Yuppiechef conducted A/B testing of two pages – one of them had a navigation bar, while the other didn’t. The conversion rate on the page without navigation turned out to be twice as high as on the page including it.

Improve navigation bars on other pages by providing clients a clear route through your website. Follow the two rules: ease of search and a minimum of actions. For example, you can limit the number of levels in the navigation bar to help your website visitors find the products they are looking for faster. According to PrintGlobe, layered navigation improves the conversion rate by 18.5%.

Remove the sign-up form from a landing page

The number of website subscribers can grow if you remove the registration form from a landing page. Such a conclusion was made by Vendio, which moved the registration process to a separate page. As a result, the company’s conversion rate increased by 60%. It is possible that improving the registration form by deleting needless fields will be enough for optimization. QuickSprout estimates that deleting one field from a sign-up form increases the conversion rate by 5%.

Select relevant illustrations

Images can not only attract but also deter clients if chosen incorrectly. For example, iCouponBlog improved its conversion rate by 400% after deleting an irrelevant image from its website.

Create a sense of purchase urgency

Although marketers strive to assure clients of the product’s value without being intrusive, landing pages remain the primary field of the hard sell.

World-famous marketer Neil Patel highlights the following best motivators:

  • feeling of scarcity,
  • red buttons,
  • timers that remind users of the discount expiration date.

Use video

Video is a powerful conversion tool that can double the number of your subscribers.

Call to action

Ignite Visibility applied different colors for primary and secondary CTA buttons and increased its conversion by 64%.

Provide testimonials on your website

For 88% of consumers, the opinions of other clients are akin to personal recommendations. Online reviews and testimonials increase the conversion rate by up to 35%.

The above ways to optimize your website should be checked using split testing. Find out how to improve website quality, enhance traffic, and increase profits with the help of testing.


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