Six reasons to Put Social Media Icons on Your Business Cards

The business model of a company birthed and growing in the contemporary world is incomplete without incorporating social media in some way or the other. It has become an important part of every business setup, regardless of the industry and the scale they’re operating at. In fact, several businesses have gained a lot more momentum than they would have without using social media to their advantage.

Social icons on business cards

A few examples of brands, such as Glossier, Fenty, Nike, the Royal Academy, and many more, have gained exponential growth and increased visibility on social media.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are filled with entrepreneurs and influencers who promote businesses online. However, there are still certain aspects of a business where people don’t think using social media is relevant. One of them is business cards. Apart from adding the standard information, businesses can also benefit by adding social media icons on their cards.

Let’s answer a question that you might have at this point – should you put icons on your business cards?

Social Media Icons on Business cards – Yes or No?

Given the influence and reach social media has all over the world, it would be a mistake to not have your business’s online platform. However, having an online presence also requires attention from the general audience and prospective clients. The best way to garner attention from the right audience is by having all your social media icons present on your business card. If you still find yourself unconvinced, here are six reasons why you must consider putting social icons on your business cards.

1. It’s Free Marketing

All you need to create a social media account is a name, password and existing email details. The next step is all about inserting your business’s header image and profile picture. By creating an image and putting up a picture representative of your business, you give an identity to your work. Whether it’s a recent product launch image or a slogan, the header ensures effective marketing of your business to whoever visits the profile.

Several companies rely on social media to boost their marketing campaigns. It’s a crucial part of almost every niche’s marketing strategy. Moreover, it plays a significant role in your sales because most people prefer to visit a company’s social media pages before attempting to buy their products. Hence, having a decent presence online is the key to boosting your sales.

2. It Provides Better Exposure

Business cards are an effective way to expand your network. However, their limitation is that they don’t go beyond one person. By having social media icons on your card, you will be able to expand your business and network to many more. For example, even if a single person likes your post, others will be able to see it. Eventually, this leads to more traffic being diverted to your page. The greater your exposure, the better your business performs.

3. It Gives a Face to the Name

By giving a standard business card, you let your prospective client know who you are. However, they’re most likely going to forget about it since there are several names they come across every day and can’t be bothered to remember each of them. What may set you apart from the rest is how strong your online identity is.

Only by having your social icons on the business card can you put a face to the name, allowing potential customers to look at more than just your brand’s name. Moreover, clients are more interested in learning how you interact with your audience and express yourself instead of looking at your contact details on a piece of paper.

4. It Builds Credibility

Doing the actual work and having a physical presence is incredibly important, especially if you’re building credibility with a new client. However, having an online presence is also equally important to gain a potential client’s trust.

It allows people to look up your profile and read reviews to gather information about how strong your audience interaction is. It also helps them see that you care about those who purchase from you, and that you’re willing to go the extra mile for them. As an added tip, avoid putting the entire handle on the card and just stick to having a site icon.

5. It Adds a Human Element to Your Platform

Having social icons on your business card lets people know that you want to communicate with consumers and partners alike. It lets them know that there’s no discrimination on your part and your customers are as important as those you partner with.

Additionally, it leaves an impression that you’re more than just sales. You’re interested in those who buy from you to a personal extent. This way, they get curious and want to learn more about why others are checking your business out. The human aspect of your business always connects with your audience on a much deeper level.

6. You Get Mentioned and Reviewed for Free

Having satisfied customers is always a plus. To add more, when they leave reviews for others to see, it gives an unexpected boost to your business. If you’re lucky enough to get noticed by an influencer who likes your products, you may also get mentioned on their platform. Reviews go a long way to entice people into following you and your work.

All this would never work if enough people didn’t have access to your online profiles. Hence, the best way to ensure that they do is by having your social icons present on the business card.

All in all, adding social icons to your card may seem unimportant, but the impact it may have on your sales is unprecedented. It can open up doors of opportunities for you to make your brand’s awareness grow and your sales flourish.

With the continuous growth of several social media platforms, there’s no reason for you and your business to avoid making a leap this secure. Moreover, with the right people on board in your design department, incorporating a change as minor as including your social media icons shouldn’t be a problem.


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