How to Make Your Small Business Shine During Trade Shows

There are many marketing strategies your business can implement these days, which are mostly effective in their ways. Thankfully, depending on your target audience, such tactics work to grow brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, and boost conversions too. One old but gold marketing scheme that seems to have not failed businesses ever since is through trade shows.

Trade show

Attending trade shows gives your brand enough exposure and opens different opportunities. The question now is how to position your business well during these events. What strategies should you implement to highlight your brand during a trade show? Read along and you’d find insightful answers to these questions.

1. Plan And Set Goals

You probably just started your small business, and you’ve decided to give trade shows a shot. First thing’s first, you must keep your plans and goals on point. When planning begins, tasks will start piling up. The reality of the situation means you’d be attending to many things all at once, so make sure to plan in an organized way. Include budget and expenses when planning, and it’s best to create a forecast for them.

As you begin planning for the tiny details down to the bigger ones, make sure all of them are at par with your company’s objectives. Clearly define the goals of your team. This way, everyone will be on the same page with the same priorities during the execution of this event. Whether your objective is to increase sales or generate quality leads, having a clear goal is enough to guide and lead everyone to the entire process.

Rather than being stressed with so many things to do, integrate trade show tasks into your everyday schedule, putting reminders on your team calendar so deadlines don’t slip your mind. In small groups, assigning tasks and communicating effectively is important. With this first crucial tip, you’d be able to maximize the advantages of joining a trade show.

2. Design Your Booth

Although you may have a tight budget for these marketing events, you should avoid cutting corners on display design. Design is everything in this case and situation. Needless to say, this is what attracts people to come and visit your booth. You want to make sure your exhibit communicates an overall message about your brand. You need to project a story through your design, which will be responsible for making them a reality.

There’s no need to worry even if your budget for the exhibit is small and limited. For your booth to be successful, it should represent your brand effectively and engage visitors. You won’t have to go all out and splurge thousands of dollars on the design. With creativity and a knack for art, you can transform it according to your vision.

One helpful tip is to draw attention to your display by incorporating unique shapes and vivid graphics. You must also know the placement of your booth so you can establish how to present it. Here are more tips to consider when designing your booth:

  • Lay out your floor plan and add in any suitable furnishings or accessories. Trade show companies may provide these, and usually they’d be responsible for the setup and breakdown.
  • Place the collaterals in your booth in a strategic manner. Ensure they’re catchy enough and easy to see to attract the attention of booth visitors.
  • Prepare a place to store your collateral materials and the rest of the products you’re selling. Keep your booth as tidy and organized as possible.

Trade show event

3. Consider Handing Out Giveaways

There are many ways to market your business on a small budget. This always works for any business during trade shows, but you don’t have to set aside hefty investment for it. Handing out freebies, samples, and giveaways attract people to come to you. You can keep your company name at the forefront of your customer’s minds by providing something unique, memorable, and worth keeping.

Whether it’s a sample of your product or some daily items that have your brand logo printed on them, make sure they’d remind people about your brand. Offer freebies to those visiting your display booth since everyone generally loves free things. Offering something valuable for free would attract a large audience to your business.

4. Let Your Staff Wear What You’re Selling

Make your business stand out by showing off your products. One sure way to do so is to let your staff wear what you’re selling. A company logo printed on shirts could be extremely beneficial. Whatever garment you prefer, displaying your brand name and logo would already contribute to increasing brand awareness and recognition.


Getting brand exposure, networking with industry insiders, and increasing sales are possible by participating in trade shows. Your small business needs to make use of this marketing tactic as early as possible so you could enjoy all of its benefits. Hopefully, with the tips and ways mentioned above, you’d be able to let your brand shine and differentiate it from other competitors. You need to be creative and unique for your business to succeed.


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