Opportunities in Transport and logistics for the Small Business Owner

There is currently an increased number of opportunities for small business owners in transport and logistics. The high demand for transport options as more shipped goods are ordered and purchased online has simply skyrocketed across the globe.


As the demand for transport and logistics options increases, there has been an increase in smaller businesses and one person operations that now aim to provide this solution across the country. The gap in the market and the increase in demand for solutions have created a sustainable business opportunity. However, there are certain things that it is advised to do should you want to experience success in the transport and logistics sector.

Use the Most Appropriate Tech

As a small operator, it will be more important than ever to access the right technology and software that will help make the process of tracking and reporting on goods and deliveries a seamless one. The larger businesses will need and use a fleet tracking dash cam, for example, and yes, for the smaller transport business, this is definitely a viable option and, based on the number of vehicles, will be a simple and cheaper option to implement.

Various smaller businesses feel that they don’t need to use the latest software and tech, but it can only make for improved efficiencies, and with Software and Hardware as a service for logistics, it will be a simple process to engage in. The rationale is that if the technology exists and is used by the big players in the industry, you need to determine how you too can access this computing and technological power as a smaller player.

Know the area/geographic and competitor

As a transporter, you must know your geography; knowing the area is paramount if you are a small localizes firm. Yes, we all have access to powerful and accurate GPS systems, but knowing the area and understanding a customer request and price it without having to check a map or use google will leave the right impression with your clientele. The trend has been for the smaller firms to focus on the last-mile delivery, and it is here that there has been a proliferation of smaller firms in logistics.

Network widely

As an independent hauler, it is vital to network with others in the sector. Some loads are only heard about or become available through such networking. None of the big logistics players in your area will be able to deal with the current demand for next-day or same-day delivery, and this is where the smaller players will come in. Being flexible and sub-contracting for the more established firms or specializing in a component of the delivery cycle will provide your business with ongoing work.

The secret to success in the logistics sector is to deliver or collect the consignment when you said you would and then to look after it until it reaches its destination. Regardless of whether you are the biggest transporter in the country or a new sector, small, one-man show, this care and attention to the customer and their needs will be the mainstay of your success.


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