What You Should Know About the Benefits of EV Charging Stations

While many countries are setting target dates in which the only new vehicles sold will be electric vehicles, the United States is a bit slower to espouse that sort of legislation. Even though greenhouse gases are hastening global warming and climate change, it appears as though the energy sector still has a strong hold on the economy and legislation that would help to begin reversing the damage our carbon footprint is responsible for.

Amidst this complex scenario, initiatives like the installation of an EV commercial charging station in Fort Collins by All Copy Products if your business is located in that area for instance, are a promising step towards a sustainable future.

Electric car charging at an EV changing station

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What does this mean in today’s economy and, more importantly, for today’s business owner? It could mean a huge boost to your bottom line if you understand the current demographics of today’s EV owner and how you can use that to your advantage.

Who Is Buying Electric Vehicles?

If there is one thing you might want to consider if you are looking to attract top earners to your place of business, it would be to install a charging station. The reason for this is simple. Although the sale of electric vehicles has gone up significantly in the past few years, the demographics of the typical buyer hasn’t changed.

The average buyer of electric vehicles is still a top earner, averaging more than $100k a year, and mostly males. These are the wealthier clients with more disposable income to spend and those who are likely to spend it if they see something they like, so why not attract them? Contact a company like Tess Electrical to handle your Tesla charging station installation.

EV Charging Stations as a Marketing Tool

While more and more EVs are being sold today than just a decade ago, there still are very few charging stations available for them to top up when out and about. If asked, they will tell you that they almost spend more time researching charging stations than they do driving around. If you want to capture this audience, why not contract commercial electricians like the ones linked to above who can install Tesla charging stations?

Make this a big part of your marketing strategy and watch how soon the people with money to spend start walking through your doors.

Talk About Your Commitment to a Reduction in Greenhouse Gases

It isn’t that the average person, the blue-collar worker, doesn’t want to buy an EV, but rather the upfront cost of purchase. Oddly, in the long run, EVs cost significantly less because upkeep and fueling are cheaper, but the initial expense of buying one is what prohibits the average person from making the purchase. These are often the very people who are working to bring about much-needed changes in sustainability and conservation. By talking about your commitment to bringing about these changes you may also draw from that segment of the population as well.

At the end of the day, there will come a time when government mandates the sale of EVs, but that day hasn’t come just yet. It may still be more than a decade away and, until that time, you will have a ready-made market of high earners with disposable income to spend. Capture that segment of the market and watch your business grow.


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