Exploring the Benefits to Managed WordPress Hosting

In the world of doing business online, your success is almost exclusively dependent upon the reliability of your website.  Hacks, crashes, and slow upload times can mean a significant loss in sales and customers. So when you’re thinking about improving your website, you need to think first about your hosting service.

Managed WordPress hosting

But what kind of hosting is best for your SMB? Great question because there are so many to choose from such as shared hosting, dedicated, VPS, and others. However, there is one hosting service that stands above the rest in advantages, and that’s managed WordPress hosting. So if you’re asking what is managed WordPress hosting, and wondering about the benefits of this service, read further for answers.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

As the name implies, this type of hosting is for WordPress websites, and it manages all the tricky, techie aspects of running a WP site.  Unlike other hosting services that leave a big chunk of updates, security compliances, and other complex backend tasks up to you – managed WP hosting takes care of all that and so much more.

This superior managed hosting is possible because when you obtain this service, you’re purchasing the hardware from the host and also pay them to manage your site and server-related issues.  Because it makes doing business online hassle-free and easy, more businesses owners are opting for this type of hosting so they can have peace of mind about their business website.

Top Advantages to Managed WordPress Hosting

Do youneed more traffic to your website? Or maybe you’re trying to reduce time spent on exhausting tech tasks to keep your site running optimally.  Whatever you’re consternation is about building and maintaining an effective website, managed WP hosting can help with that either by indirect means or direct influence. Read further about how this hosting can improve your business website.

Improved Security Measures

One of the greatest benefits you’ll find with managed WP hosting is knowing your website is secure.  Safeguarding your website and your visitors from hacking is essential for a successful online business.  While no hosting service is 100% fail-proof, managed WP hosting has advantages over other types of hosting because it provides cutting-edge, up-to-the-moment security enhancements.

While other hosting services may offer malware scans, not all of them offer immediate assistance in case something goes wrong.  Furthermore, websites running on managed WP hosting have the luxury of nightly backups and round-the-clock security checks so you can rest easy that your site is protected.  Additionally, a managed WP hosting support team is available to instantly help you with your needs in case of site malfunction.  And because you have backups, you can easily get your website back in tip-top shape if something goes awry.

Faster is Better

One of the ways your business website can increase traffic and retain customers is by having a fast, reliable website. With managed WP hosting, this is possible because their entire tech stack is catered to the WordPress platform.  That means your website will experience faster loading times, fewer downtimes, and better overall performance.

Furthermore, a managed WP hosting site automatically optimizes website setup and works with common themes and plugins so you don’t have to work out potential conflicts or negative influences these add-ons may have on your site. A managed WP hosting business website also has the advantage of multiple, global performance-boosting CDN server locations and instant-scaling technology.  This ensures your site setup is effortless, and your website runs flawlessly.

Convenience and Peace of Mind

While it’s true that managed WordPress hosting might be slightly more expensive than shared or VPS, it’s worth the price for the peace of mind you receive.  Not only do you have extra security and updates with managed hosting, but you also have constant monitoring and backups.  Additionally, you get powerful developer and optimization tools at your fingertips.

To explain, a managed hosting service will provide you with a comprehensive dashboard where you can handle all of your site’s data and overviews.  Instead of jumping from one provider to another, everything is managed in one single hub. Furthermore, managed WP hosts also offer a clean, easy-to-use interface and developer-friendly features such as SSH access, Git, or HeidiSQL that most other hosting services do not provide.

In conclusion, the benefits of managed WordPress hosting are worth the price because it has built-in assurances other hosts simply can’t deliver.  Also, this type of hosting frees up your time so you can do what you do best – grow your online business while resting easy that your website is running optimally and safely online.


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