Need More Traffic to Your Website? Try These 5 Proven Methods

During these unprecedented times, there’s no way to deny the shift in consumer behaviors. More than ever, people have started to work from home, so they’re searching for—and buying—more things online. To capitalize on the influx of new customers, follow these tips on increasing site traffic.

Increasing website traffic

Create Engaging Content

Not all web traffic is created equal; some leads are better than others. One of the most effective ways to attract qualified leads is to create valuable content and to do that, you’ll need to learn about the audience. Begin by creating a buyer persona to understand customers’ pain points and continue by conducting SEO searches to understand what they are looking for. With the information gathered during the process, you can customize new Digital Marketing content to meet customers’ needs.

Use Paid Advertising

Paid ads will drive traffic to your website quickly. PPC (pay per click) and retargeting are effective, as are display ads and sponsored posts on Instagram and Facebook. The most effective strategies combine social ads and pay per click. According to a recent CMO survey, 62% of businesses will increase spending on social ads within the next five years.

Get More Social

Using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites to promote and share content isn’t the only way to bring more traffic to a site. Facebook Messenger, Instagram Stories, and live video also play a role. The most important step is to adopt new platforms and features early on, as long as they’re right for your audience.

The experts recommend using strategies that include a variety of platforms, such as Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Of these options, Pinterest may be the most effective, as research shows that up to 66% of the site’s users make a purchase after seeing a pin from a brand.

Market Via Video

Video is a fast-growing way to generate traffic and increase customer engagement. According to information from Cisco, over 80% of site traffic will come through videos by 2022. Numerous video platforms include calls to action and other useful tools that can bring more site traffic.

Optimize the Website for Voice Searches

To drive as much traffic as possible, you’ll need to appear where your customers are. Voice search is one of the most important new areas to rank; up to 65% of web users aged 25 to 49 search the web by voice at least once per day. Include long-tail keywords in ads and content, as voice searchers typically use full sentences. Make content snippet-friendly, as shorter and more concise answers, are ideal for Google Home, Alexa, and other tools.

Types of Web Traffic and How to Increase It

Direct traffic comes when visitors type a site’s address into a web browser or when someone recommends the site offline. By providing informative and valuable content that keeps people coming back, you’ll increase direct traffic.

Referral traffic comes from visitors that click links on other sites, which direct them to your site. By writing guest posts on high-authority sites, you’ll get more people to come to your site to see what you’re offering.

Link sharing: Share site links in places where your target market will see them.

The Bottom Line

With people living more of their lives online, companies must offer engaging content, run paid advertising campaigns, connect with customers via video, be active on social media, and optimize content for voice searchers to bring more traffic to their sites. By following these proven tips, you’ll increase site traffic and boost sales.


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