5 Strategies to Increase eCommerce Conversion Rate

If you want to succeed in eCommerce, you can’t settle for average results. And if you want to be one step ahead of your rivals, you have to be dominant across all customer acquisition and retention efforts.

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One important part of this story is the way you handle your conversion rate strategies. The average conversion rate for most eCommerce stores is around 2 to 3%, but you shouldn’t be comfortable with this.

For optimal conversion rates, you can turn to a good conversion rate optimization agency whose team of professionals will help you improve various aspects that influence conversions. Another option is to try to do everything yourself.

Keep reading to learn about some great conversion rate boosting strategies.

Instagram can be a powerful tool

Instagram is very popular among marketers thanks to its high engagement numbers. Some reports even claim that accounts on Instagram are five times more likely to engage with a brand than accounts on any other social media platform.

This should tell you that you need to make the most out of Instagram to boost your conversion rate.

To get started, choose your goal. Keep in mind that the two biggest factors in this game are the audience targeting and the offer you have prepared for them.

Instagram ads have the same interest-based targeting that you can find on Facebook to reach new audiences who have never visited your brand’s website. So, take a similar approach but factor in different demographics, interests, and preferences before you reach an audience size that falls well within your budget.

Once you get the targeting right, prepare the right offer that will be attractive enough to capture new customers.

If you feel like this game of Instagram is too difficult to play on your own, you can always look for an Instagram growth service. The agency you choose should have records of previous projects and you should even feel free to reach out to their previous clients to ask about their performance and work ethics.

Attractive design and interesting copy

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Your eCommerce website design has to be attractive. If it’s not designed to keep your visitors on the page and moving forward with their transaction, no other effort will work. So, make sure that your website is visually attractive and persuasive.

An average consumer of today likes clean and modern design. Don’t cram your website with lines of unnecessary textual content and make sure that the visual appeal is simple but significant.

Keep in mind that the visitor’s attention will be drawn to two main segments – the main image and the main chunks of text (with clear CTAs).

The copy on your page also needs to be persuasive and keep visitors engaged enough to continue the checkout process. It has to be consistent in order to get your brand’s voice through every single page of your website.

Make the checkout process short

This is one of the best tricks you can use to get a quick conversion rate boost.

Lowering the number of steps for adding to the cart should shorten the conversion funnel process which could help boost your conversion rate.

A lot of experienced marketers recommend reducing any amount of redundant steps. For instance, you could lower the number of fields required for guest checkout.

But before you do this, test your checkout procedure and see if it needs some tuning and shortening. The process needs to be simplified if you want better conversion rates.


It’s necessary to personalize the customer experience as much as you can in order to increase your chances of securing more sales. This is usually done by providing dynamic content and pathways for your visitors to take.

Basically, tools for crafting and delivering dynamic content allow you to present tailored content and product recommendations to your visitors based on factors such as their demographic data, their website behavior, and their previous interactions with your store.

When it comes to providing pathways for your visitors to choose from, you should consider the kinds of consumers you usually attract.

You should point them to collections of products that relate to each other, but which aren’t necessarily in the same product category.

Offer different discount options

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The only better thing than a discount is a chance for a customer to alter the discount they are about to receive. On the contrary, it is very disappointing for a consumer when they receive a coupon and load up their virtual shopping cart only to realize the offer doesn’t apply to their purchases.

Having that in mind, try to provide your customers with at least some control over when and how they use a specific discount offer. Not only does this add a bit of personalization to their experience, but it also stimulates them to experiment and potentially make more purchases they didn’t plan in the beginning.

Final words

These were some of the more efficient tips and tricks that you can use to increase your store’s conversion rate and bring in more sales.

Evaluate your current situation and see if you can implement these strategies for better results. Also, remember that some things take time. So, be patient and keep in mind you won’t be able to see a significant spike in sales right away.


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