Picking a Mobile Subscription Plan For Your Businesses

In many businesses, workers travel they don’t spend all of their workday in an office or store. In industries where your workforce is spread out and meeting with clients or going to job-sites regularly being able to stay in touch and communicate is key.

Businesswoman using smartphone

Modern smartphones are quite advanced, offering many features businesses will find useful outside of simply calling and texting. For example, with a smartphone, you can collect payments with the correct software and hardware, allowing field agents a degree of flexibility in monetary matters. Even more common features such as GPS can make daily business activities far less confusing.

However, the cellular market is a very competitive one with companies all around the world competing for customers. Business accounts are especially valued by cellular carriers and when looking for a mobile subscription you will not lack options to choose from.

What to Look For In a Business Mobile Subscription

At first, picking between cellphone plans, you will likely focus on price. While price is an important consideration, it is only a part of a larger whole. Large company business accounts can be a notable part of your operating costs, and they need to be researched carefully, so you can maximize features while also getting the best deal possible.


When selecting a mobile service provider, coverage is of the utmost importance. Your company’s location and common areas of the business should guide you in comparing service providers. While coverage may be similar in many locations, signal strength and cellular frequencies may not be the same. Also, if you do business in out-of-the-way areas, many providers may not offer coverage at all. Always consider where you and your employees will be working.

Common Features

Different cellar carriers often have slight differences in features offered. Look at features such as cellular data allotments, data sharing, how minutes and texts are handled, and available choices. Differences in minutes can save you money if you don’t need unlimited everything, using cheaper plans with lower minute allowances can save your business money and this adds up over a long period.

Extra Features

Depending on your business’s specific needs, you may need certain features from your cell service provider. One of the most common features many businesses need is a mobile hotspot or tethering. Being able to connect a laptop to your cellphone for internet access can be highly useful for workers in the field. Enhanced security and other options should also be researched as needed.

Multi-Line Discounts

Depending on the size of your business, you may need several lines, and accounts with 50 lines, 100 lines, and more are not unheard of. Carefully compare multi-line discounts among the service providers you are considering, as some carriers offer larger discounts and focus more on large accounts.

Equipment Deals

When setting up a business account you’ll likely need new smartphones and accessories such as wall adapters, car chargers, cases, and other add-ons. Many cellular service providers offer package deals, discounts, and long-term payment plans for many of the products they sell. In addition, many offer trade-in programs, so you can update your equipment in the future, allowing you to keep your equipment up-to-date.

Non-Phone Items

Finally, don’t overlook your non-phone items that make use of cellular networks such as tablets. As other cellular-connected devices have become more popular, companies have started offering added cellular features for items such as tablets, smart car features, and smartwatches. If your company makes use of such items, they can be grouped with your business cellphone plan as additional items. This can make managing this equipment easier and reduce costs as well.

Final Thoughts

Staying connected is critical for your business and its employees. When one of your workers needs to make an important call, you want to ensure they can do so and that the call quality is clear. The same is also true for data access. You need it to be fast and, above all, reliable when your employees need to access information. Finally, you need to have access to all the features you need, be it hotspot data for your company laptops or tablet data. With some planning, research, and asking the right questions, you can find a plan that fits your business needs.


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