5 Basic Questions to Ask about Cryptocurrency

We have seen a good growth of the digital currency, and it seemed to have piqued everyone. The past few years have attracted one and all towards digital currencies. If you look at digital currencies like Bitcoin, it has emerged as one of the world’s oldest and biggest virtual currencies.


It seemed to have gone up 65K USD despite the dip seen in the midst. Soon the digital coin returns with a big bang again, giving the owners all the confidence and enjoyment with the same.

Similarly, there are other digital currencies, including Ether, that have huge fan following and investors. In addition, we have many celebrities now enjoying the bliss of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. One such name is Elon Musk, the man behind Tesla, the electric car company. Also, many more companies like PayPal and others have joined the bandwagon of Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Then came other digital currencies like Dogecoin that came along with a meme with a market cap of 2.8 trillion if you are among the new people who are still coming along with the interesting questions to check. How about checking the fundamental question to check about digital currency in the following paragraphs:

1. How can you start investing in digital currency?

When it comes to investing in Bitcoin or any other digital currency, you need to check the one that suits you the most. There are more than 10K of digital currencies as of now, and you can find out the right one. Some popular ones include Bitcoin, Dogecoin, ETH and others that can prove worthy for you. When it comes to investing in digital currency, you can find the following steps in the following paragraphs:

  • Find out the proper exchange – A digital currency exchange, which remains a platform facilitating transactions using different virtual currencies. You can even explore the sites like immediate connect and get more on them.
  • The next option that you can use can include transferring money seeking the help of a digital currency account. In India, one can find several digital exchange platforms. The moment one can find a trading account, and you can create one. Here you get the guidance for transferring the money and then carrying out the right kind of transactions.
  • Once you land over the same, you can always call the same that you can keep over your coins seeking the help of exchange or move the currency to wallets, including cold and hot ones.

2.  Why can you have so many of these in the market?

It is among the common questions and is offered many more times. If you find the prices pretty volatile, how can one find too many virtual tokens? As we see the growth of Bitcoin, people seem to have decided to introduce a specific newer method of digital currencies and tokens coming into being.

With the constant evolution of Bitcoin, we see people now introducing newer kinds of digital currencies with some additional features in the market. At the same time, we find out investors and traders have their eyes on mining activities of money. So, we have several types of tokens or digital assets coming now.

3. Will digital coins even fail?

The answer is tricky and has both positive and negative answers. As per reports, there are more than 10K of digital coins, and these can fail and even help you gain big. The initial boom around the digital coins first came in 2017, and then it came realistically. It has occurred for numerous reasons. We also noticed some outright frauds becoming the critical reason that seemed to have come up in this direction.

4. Are these extremely volatile?

Well, yes, they are highly volatile. But, if you check which digital coin remains exceptionally volatile, Bitcoin remains on the top? It was traded around 65K USD and even went down to 30K USD. Now, we see it returning to the same position, which is no less than a surprise.

5. Do you have companies accepting digital currency all across the world?

The developed nations are on the top to accept the digital coins, at least if you look at the big companies in these nations. However, if you check things in the east with nations like India, we have a few companies which have started accepting Bitcoin. In addition, some of the online stores are also accepting digital coins.


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