Why Cybersecurity Is More Important Than Ever for HR Specialists

Right now, it seems like cyberattacks are on a steady rise. 2021 is already a record year when it comes to data breaches. Pinpointing only one reason behind it is impossible. However, the need for remote work opened up many opportunities for cybercriminals. The outbreak of COVID-19 allowed hackers to take advantage of remote workers and their lack of cybersecurity knowledge.

Cybersecurity issues

So how do human resources (HR) specialists fit into this? HR specialists are in charge of data that is attractive to cybercriminals, such as personal information, the list of clients, salaries, and so on. Not to forget that HR had to switch to hiring people online during the pandemic. Considering this, the answer to the previous question is clear – HR specialists should develop a solid cybersecurity strategy and prevent data breaches.

If you are an HR specialist, here is what to look out for:

Online recruitment

The pandemic forced many businesses to switch to remote work and move recruitment to the online world. HR specialists are now interviewing candidates via various online communication tools and selecting the best ones while using the internet.

The onboarding process is also done online, and every HR specialist knows how important this step is. Basically, the onboarding process should welcome new employees to your company and provide them with all the necessary tools that will make them a part of the team.

It is a significant change that demands the best possible technology to make the process easy for all parties. Of course, there is always a possibility of a cyberattack while using any digital tool, and this is where HR specialists should keep their guard up.

How to stay safe

We spend more time online than ever before, so it is crucial to protect our devices. But before we dive deeper into the topic itself, remember to speak to your employees about the cybersecurity risks and share your knowledge with them. It is the best way of making sure everyone is on the same page regarding cybersecurity and is aware of the potential threats.

Is there a way to make the online recruitment process safe for your company? Absolutely! Here is what you should do:

Use a VPN

Many businesses already use a VPN regularly. This tool is super versatile, but one feature will ensure your internal and external communication is private – encryption. A VPN hides the data you send or receive by routing it through a remote server, making it impossible for third parties to view your traffic.

A VPN is a must-have if you sometimes use public Wi-Fi networks, but it is also handy for those who only work from home. After all, the Internet of Things (IoT) could be another security risk because it creates more openings for cybercriminals, so keep that in mind.

Software updates

Embracing the new technologies have improved HR. While new software can make you more productive, it can also create a cybersecurity breach. Hackers know that many businesses are not performing regular software updates and are trying to exploit that.

Outdated software is a serious security problem because cybercriminals can use it to gain access to your network. Once they are inside, hackers will have access to all of your data. A security breach could put both your clients and employees at risk. Additionally, it could ruin the reputation of a company.

Granting access to apps

Apps are a serious cybersecurity topic that some employees overlook. HR specialists should mention this to the employees and remind them to monitor certain apps on their work computers. Of course, you should practice what you preach as well. Be very selective about the permissions you give to apps.

Since you are handling sensitive data daily, make sure you don’t give every app full access to your machine. Also, installing sketchy apps is never a good idea. Always check a source of an app before you download it on a computer.


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