5 Must-Know SEO Concepts You Must Follow

SEO is one of the most dynamic fields, and quite unsurprisingly, the concepts and trends in the field are ever-transforming. The importance of SEO is constantly rising and with increasing competition on the online platform, employing the best techniques is essential to get the best results from any SEO campaign.

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Ensuring The Success Of A Brand With The Right SEO Concepts

That being said, to make any campaign a success, there are two very essential things that one has to follow. Firstly, hiring reliable, competent, and experienced professionals is fundamental for the success of a brand through proper SEO. This is where Red Search SEO in Australia can serve the SEO needs of a brand and help it establish itself on the online platform.

Secondly, staying on top of the latest SEO concepts is also crucial to the campaign’s success. A proper SEO strategy definitely involves employing the right techniques and procedures and knowing the latest trends and SEO concepts. From Core Web Vitals to mobile-first indexing, there are a lot of new SEO concepts that you must know about.

In the next part of this blog, you will find the five most essential and must-know SEO concepts that you must follow in 2021. Let us check them out now!

1. Mobile-First Indexing

According to statistics, mobile devices contribute to over 55% of the total web traffic. While that makes it clear that websites need to pay attention to mobile users, Google also announced that mobile-first indexing of a site or web page would take over as the new trend.

There are a few tips and tricks associated with mobile-first indexing:

  • Improvement of mobile usability (including text size, configuration, tap target size, viewport).
  • Carrying out an audit of the mobile site to detect any additional site elements (e.g., structured data, title tags) that need mobile optimization.
  • Fixing broken links and incorrect redirects.
  • Compressing large and uncompressed images.
  • Removal of any unsupported content and blocked resources
  • Removal of all intrusive pop-ups and interstitials.

2. Machine Learning and AI

Machine learning has become a crucial part of modern search engine ranking algorithms. It is closely related to semantic search. Beyond Google and its generic algorithms, one must pay attention to machine learning and AI (automation) as a concept of SEO. These can be used for retrieving real-time insights and automating repetitive tasks.

3. E-A-T

Something that is not so new and had first appeared in Google Quality Guidelines in May 2014, E-A-T is something that is not an algorithm. Instead, it indirectly affects rankings when the best practices are not followed on a site. Experienced professionals like the ones at Red Search SEO in Australia can optimize the site according to the necessary requirements.

4. Core Web Vitals

This is something that every SEO professional, both with technical and non-technical knowledge, must be aware of! It is a new set of standards that Google has claimed to be using when evaluating a page for the user experience it offers. Its key components and metrics are:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
  • First Input Display (FID)
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

The critical elements of a site that Core Web Vitals focuses on are:

  • Mobile experience
  • Site speed
  • Technical structure
  • Image compression
  • Informational content on the page

5. Semantic Search

The Hummingbird Update from Google that came out in 2013 focuses on improving search results accuracy by understanding the searcher’s intent. Semantic search has ever since been one of the most crucial SEO concepts that everyone must be aware of.

Final Words

That brings us to the end of this blog. Along with these five must-know SEO concepts, you must also know the fact that you need the right professionals handling the SEO of a site. Professionals at Red Search SEO in Australia can deliver the best results for your site through appropriate and effective SEO strategies.


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