An Essential Guide to How Business Owners Automate Construction Estimates

As a construction expert, you have years of industry knowledge. You know how long each project should take and what it should cost. As a business owner, however, the time required to generate a construction estimate manually is cost-prohibitive. It can keep you from taking on work that could be profitable in the short term and limit your potential in the long term.

Automating construction estimates

To help you remain focused on your business, you should embrace ways to automate your construction estimates and the information that they contain. Generating accurate, professional-looking construction estimates quickly and efficiently is the best way to promote your business.

Construction Estimates Automation: Which Software?

Some business owners must automate construction estimates with Excel spreadsheet templates. The person manually building these spreadsheets must have in-depth knowledge of Excel itself, not just the construction estimating program that pulls out data from it. During data entry or formula creation, making a mistake is often costly and time-consuming to correct. These spreadsheets also do not handle construction changes efficiently, leading to extensive rework if they are not updated correctly.

CostCertified’s construction estimating software helps business owners create detailed, itemized, and accurate construction estimates within a short period. The estimating software typically has three components: a quoting solution that automates the process of generating an estimate, a dashboard to track bids and costs over time, and mobile functionality so you can access information on the go.

After a business owner inputs the required data, the estimating software will pull out the correct information based on a specific industry-standard in construction estimating, saving time by eliminating mistakes in planning and calculations. Furthermore, the software can use estimation templates specific to an industry-standard, often saving business owners time when creating estimates for new clients. These templates also input the data more efficiently, cutting down on rework resulting from improper inputs.

Business owners who automate their construction estimates with Cost Certified can spend more time on the marketing aspect of their business. Once they have created an estimate for a client, they can locate new clients or pitch new projects. The free-up time that would otherwise go into manually creating construction estimates allows them to work with existing clients, connect with potential clients, and identify projects that might get underway.

Construction estimates vary depending on the project, but they generally take up to two hours to create manually. Using an automated program to generate your construction estimate can save time and money since you will complete it within minutes instead. Expense projections are critical for any construction project.

Business owner working hard

Construction Estimates Software Benefits

Estimates are invaluable tools because they allow you to understand better the costs associated with your project before beginning construction. Not only will you reduce the cost of paying for labor, but you will also reduce the cost of paying for your equipment and materials as well.

If you want to save time and money, then you must automate your construction estimates. By using your free time in this way, you can spend most of your time focused on growing and expanding your business. You will be able to create them in minutes instead of hours, which will give you a big leg-up on the competition. Not only will you lower the overall cost of building your estimates, but you will also save money on your equipment and materials.

How does using the construction estimate software help?

By using the construction estimating software, you can increase your efficiency and maximize profits. It streamlines the estimating process by giving you accurate data that may have taken days of research to compile. You can then use this information to analyze new bids, decide which projects are worth pursuing and which are essential to take on for potential long-term gains.

This type of strategic decision-making allows you to make the most out of every dollar spent and increase your business’s profitability.

Final Thoughts

Any business owner who seeks to expand or grow their business will benefit from the increased accuracy and reduced rework. If you want to improve your performance, you need to have all your data in one place. Construction estimating software allows you to consolidate your data into one system to make information readily available.

Once the estimating process is automated, it is easier to ensure that all information is accurate. You do not have to rely on other workers to input details and data into spreadsheets or software.

By automating this process, you limit the risk of human error and ensure that your information is as accurate as possible. Automating the estimating process Cost Certified’s construction software will help you streamline processes and save you money.


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