The Benefits of LinkedIn for Melbourne-Based Business

Melbourne is home to many flourishing industries, such as information technology, direct selling, retail, professional services, and real estate. And, since the target audience is somewhat similar, the businesses are always competing against each other. In such a scenario, the strategy to entice the target audience must be three-pronged – networking, engaging and communicating.

LinkedIn for business

Nowadays, social media marketing is becoming one of the most effective marketing tactics. However, social media marketing is a challenging task to accomplish, especially if you lack the experience and expertise. For a successful campaign, you need to develop the right message and deliver it to the right audience. And this becomes much easier if you consider hiring an advertising agency.

When considering social media platforms, Facebook comes to most people’s minds. But Facebook may not be the best option for expanding business or networking with like-minded people and firms. On the other hand, Linkedin is a better place to engage with potential customers and vendors, and network with various stakeholders in Melbourne.

If you wish to stand out from all the companies in Melbourne, you need to begin publishing content on Linkedin. You can consider hiring a Melbourne Linkedin advertising agency to assist in your social media marketing efforts.

Here are some of the advantages for a business to network on LinkedIn.

1. Professional Audience

The main difference between LinkedIn and other social media platforms is the type of audience. Most people on Linkedin tend to be much older than people on other sites, more educated and have a higher propensity to spend. If you focus on the demographics, the average age of a LinkedIn member is 25 to 34 years old, with proper education and career. Therefore, there are better chances to find a more relevant audience on LinkedIn.

2. Industry-Specific

Success on social media platforms mainly depends upon what your message is and who you deliver. While Facebook and other platforms offer interest and behaviour based segregation of the target audience, Linkedin is more industry-based. Besides, Linkedin allows its users to filter audiences on precise variables like:

  • Job title
  • Job function
  • Company’s name
  • Company’s size based on number of employees
  • Skillset of the individual
  • University
  • Qualification

Due to such features, filters and retargeting options, in Melbourne Linkedin proves to be a viable option for businesses to engage with other companies.

3. Enhanced Advertising Options

If you have been using advertisements on other social media platforms, you must be aware of different ad types like sponsored posts or display ads in the sidebar. But Linkedin offers a unique feature called InMail. This option is unlike any other social media platform. InMail is an email kind of feature that is integrated with Linkedin’s instant messaging inbox. It offers more open and click-through rates than standard emails.

4. Better conversion rates

If a company takes advantage of the features in LinkedIn effectively, it can increase its conversion rates. Moreover, the user-friendly features of the platform make it easier for people to engage with a business. For instance, a study by a popular CMS, Hubspot, reported that Linkedin offers a better conversion rate than Google Ads at 6.1 and 2.58 per cent, respectively.

5. Lead Nurturing Features

Every other type of social media platform focuses on generating leads and branding. But once a lead has been converted into a customer, there is not much you can do to nurture the existing customers. On Linkedin, you can take advantage of lead accelerating features wherein a business account can track high-value prospects to showcase more targeted content or ads.

In many ways LinkedIn proves to be a better option if you are a business owner and want to expand. But if you are planning to run good campaigns, you will need the assistance of a local Melbourne Linkedin advertising agency.


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