5 Ways to Build a Relationship With Your Customers

A strong relationship with your customers is the key to customer retention. In person, you can build a relationship with someone by listening, helping, and engaging them. But how do you do this in business, particularly in an online business?

Customer relationship

Here are five ways to build customer relationships online.

1. Build Rapport Through the Written Word

Copywriting and content writing allow you to adopt a conversational style of writing. Since a casual style is like talking to a good friend, it builds engagement. If this style of writing serves your audience well, then you’re good to go. Most readers resonate with persuasive or expository writing that simulates a one-on-one interaction.

But what if you need to share technical information, such as writing medical documents, or scientific reports, or product user manuals? Since technical writing focuses on facts and figures and abstractions, the information is often difficult to comprehend, especially if the reader is unfamiliar with the subject. Since this type of writing is also delivered in a third-person voice, it can be impersonal, too.

Although it’s hard to create rapport with technical writing, it’s not impossible. Fortunately, there is a simple solution on how to write about abstruse things in a user-friendly way  —  outsource the work to professional technical writing services. Because they hire subject matter experts who know how to explain complicated things in a simple way, they can make your technical writing products interesting and informative.

2. Use Social Networks to Build Relationships

There are no signs that social media engagement is slowing down. This is a free or inexpensive and simple tool to use, and it is also the most popular marketing tactic. You can create regular posts on various social platforms yourself, delegate the work to an in-house team, or hire a writing agency.

3. Share Your Ideas on YouTube

YouTube is a great place for connecting with potential customers. Launch a channel to share your ideas and introduce your business.

This video-sharing platform is not just for building relationships with viewers who could become customers. You can also use it to develop relationships with YouTuber influencers by interviewing them on your channel.

4. Create Trust Through Excellent Customer Service

Customer service encompasses all interactions between a company and its customers. Here are five ways your company can use good customer service to send the right marketing, branding, or public relations message.

  1. Create an efficient process for answering your customers’ questions.
  2. Prioritize your brand’s presence on social media channels.
  3. Use data to understand your best customers.
  4. Have a well-trained staff to answer questions in person or over chat.
  5. Establish a clear idea of what you want your message to say about your company’s values.

5. Allow Customers to Get to Know You Via Email Marketing

Email marketing is an efficient way to reach your customers because it is not too intrusive. It is easy to reach hundreds or thousands of people around the world with a single email.

The first step to optimizing email is to know your customer’s interests. If you’re not sure, ask them directly through a survey email. The more you know about your customers, the better you’ll be able to touch on themes that resonate with them.

Email marketing requires trial and error. You may have to experiment with how many emails you should send that share useful information and how many to promote a product. You may also have to experiment with how often you should send emails.

Building Good Relationships Guarantees Business Success

You can make your customers feel valued and appreciated through a variety of channels, such as writing, social media, YouTube, customer service, and email. When using these mediums, think of every point of contact with a customer as a chance to build a warm relationship with them.

Remember, the more open, frank, or transparent you are about your business with your customers, the more they will come to know, like, and trust you through the various platforms you use to express yourself.


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