Top Tips for Choosing the Best Flooring for your Home Office Space

Most of us spend hours and hours working in our offices and choosing suitable flooring for home offices is an essential task to add aesthetically pleasing elements in your working area to give yourself or your employees a comfortable and clutter-free space. Here, we have teamed up with one of the UK’s leading flooring retailers, Stories Flooring, to provide you with a complete encyclopedia on flooring material along with addressing some of the top tips to help you choose the best one for your office.

Engineered wood flooring for home offices

Flooring is an important element to increase productivity, keeping that in mind one must prefer strong and flexible options for the longevity of the office area. Nothing is perfect in this world and that too includes flooring material, each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Tips and Options for Best Home Office Flooring

Floors of workplaces are one of the most neglected parts of that area. From walking to placing furniture, floors are important for the functionality of any area that we are living or working in but what can be done to make them function more for professional places.

Here we offer some tips to spice up your flooring and give your home office an aesthetically pleasing renovation.

1. The Layout

Open-plan offices are trending because of their wide coverage across the whole office space. This type of working space can highlight different corners and areas of your office. This is what layout does to your workplace, consider experimenting with colors and using different styles to highlight collaborative areas like meeting halls.

2. Noise Control

Areas with heavy foot traffic tend to carry irrelevant sounds and it is crucial to find proper ways to control noise at workplaces. Carpet flooring can help in controlling the noise and it is the most cost-effective option for small businesses. If you think carpets are boring you can opt for cork flooring or luxury vinyl flooring to have a noise-reducing layer.

3. Sustainable Flooring

Sustainable flooring is typically referring to solid wood flooring, manufactured from a solid piece of all-natural wood. However, there are plenty of other types of sustainable flooring. For example, those who prefer an alternative for their workplaces should consider parquet Flooring, which is made from stained veneers. They consist of options like Oak, Walnut, Cherry, and Maple. One of the advantages of solid wood floors is that they are easily cleaned and have better longevity.

Other less strong options include Bamboo which can be cheap and easily affordable.

4. Light Reflection and Subtle Detailing

Concrete with skimmed details is a go-to option for no-nonsense offices. Nowadays, concrete floors come in many sophisticated designs rather than the old plain gray ones. These floors tend to reflect light and highlight the area with subtle sparkles of details. Our best pick is to opt for the stained concrete floor to make your office more classy.

5. Engineered Flooring

One of the most innovative flooring options in the market, engineered wood flooring is composed of real wood in a layered format with the option to virtually choose any color or style for the top layer. It can be placed easily with nails or glue. It also has the option of replacing a certain area or part which needs renovation with time and is low maintenance and easy to clean.

6. Tile Flooring

Tile flooring has a long history but it recently gained popularity again due to its stylish appearance and affordability. One example is the stylish and durable SPC flooring.

7. Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are a fancier alternative to boring carpet flooring. They are easy to customize to fill the space of home offices. They also come with features like cushion carpet tiles to absorb sound and expand the longevity of the tile itself. They don’t need to be installed in the entire room and can be cleaned or replaced individually in case the floor gets stained.

Engineered wood flooring

Protecting Your Flooring

Workplaces are busiest and can impact the flooring if it is not protected or maintained well with time. a neglected flooring will wear out with time due to frequently pushed office seats and desks to reconfigure any area. This demands more durable options that can protect the expensive flooring without destroying the aesthetics and style of your home office.

To protect your flooring from scratches, stains, and bumps, there are multiple affordable mat options to preserve the beauty of your flooring. For example you can easily restore engineered wood flooring by sanding down and applying a fresh coat of oil. Same for refurbishing solid wood flooring, these are easily brought back to life with a bit of TLC.

Important Factors to Consider while Choosing the Flooring

Multiple factors are often neglected by us when it comes to selecting flooring for offices. We often forget that workplaces get a makeover by replacing carpets of areas that are frequently visited.

Home office with engineered wood flooring

Some of the basic factors that we should not neglect while selecting a better flooring for our beloved professional spaces are:

1. Resilient Flooring

Flooring bears all the hard work and heavy burdens of office environments so it is highly important to choose flooring with resilient material with high quality of long-lasting features.

2. Foot Traffic

Right flooring of workplaces depends on the amount of foot traffic the area has. One should keep in mind to cover the overall interior design and budget for an overly visited place wisely.

3. Aesthetic Consideration

Aesthetics matters when it comes to providing a comfortable working environment that boosts productivity along with creativity at work. So one should consider aesthetics while choosing the flooring for their workplaces.

4. Affordability

Affordability matters for many small businesses, and to choose the right flooring one must consider the cost and durability at the earliest before installing any type of flooring.

Ending Thoughts

There will always be multiple options to choose the best match for your home office that will not only provide visual continuity and aesthetics but will have a professional touch as well. However, choosing different materials should be considered according to the demand of your office rather than what’s trending.

Do your research to decide what you want, consult different manufacturers to have expert advice before proceeding with the installations. Make sure to consider your budget, practicality, and design before finalizing the flooring.


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