Buying an Acrylic Desk: Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Piece for Your Home Office

An acrylic desk is a great piece of furniture that you can use to turn a boring space into something special. But how do you choose the right one for your home office?

Acrylic desk in home office

Here’s a guide for you on how to choose the perfect acrylic desk for your home office, as well as some tips on how to decorate your spaces with it. But first…

Why Switch to Clear Acrylic Furniture?

Acrylic furniture has many benefits that you will not enjoy from other traditional pieces of furniture, making it a great choice if you want to make changes to your home office.…

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When Should You Move Your Business Out of Your Home and Into an Office?

When do you know it’s time to move your business out of your home and into an office space? This is a question that many business owners face. There are a lot of factors to consider when making this decision, such as budget, company size, and type of business.

Clean office environment

We will discuss some things to think about when moving from home to the office. We’ll also provide some tips for finding the right office space for your business.

What Are the Benefits of Moving Your Business Out of Your Home and Into an Office Space?

When you first start a business, it can be tempting to try to save money by working from home.…

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Top Tips for Choosing the Best Flooring for your Home Office Space

Most of us spend hours and hours working in our offices and choosing suitable flooring for home offices is an essential task to add aesthetically pleasing elements in your working area to give yourself or your employees a comfortable and clutter-free space. Here, we have teamed up with one of the UK’s leading flooring retailers, Stories Flooring, to provide you with a complete encyclopedia on flooring material along with addressing some of the top tips to help you choose the best one for your office.

Engineered wood flooring for home offices

Flooring is an important element to increase productivity, keeping that in mind one must prefer strong and flexible options for the longevity of the office area.…

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How to Create a Work Space in Virtually any Area of the Home

Here is some much-needed great news: you do not need a dedicated home office to work successfully from home. With some creativity, you can set up a functional workspace in a variety of unused and often overlooked spaces in your home.

Home work space

For example, the following ideas will help get you well on your way to a positive telecommuting experience:

Transform Your Stair Landing Area

For people who live in a two or more story home, check to see if you can turn the top of a stair landing into a workspace. To help define the workspace in the open area, consider painting a panel in a contrasting color on the wall behind your desk in approximately the width of the workspace all the way up to the ceiling.…

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Five Steps to Setting Up Your Home Office for Success

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, there has been an immense shift towards remote working. The number of individuals who are now working from home has increased substantially and, therefore, so has the need for home offices.

Home office setup

It’s important to get your home office set up correctly so that you can be as productive as possible. You need the right lighting, the right equipment, and the right mentality to have a successful workday.

Here’s how you can set up a great home office…

Find a Comfortable Chair and Desk

Comfort is key. The last thing you want from your home office is an uncomfortable set up that causes neck or back pain.…

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The Essential Furniture for Your New Home Office

With working from home becoming more commonplace, many people are looking into how to transform their spare rooms into the perfect place for concentration, production, and comfort. The right set-up is paramount to working efficiently from home, especially if it is something you will be doing for an extended period of time. These tips will give you some pointers on which furniture is essential in any home office.

Home office setup

Royalty-free image

A Chair

You could potentially spend hours working in your home office, so a comfortable chair is essential. Back problems are common in those who spend a lot of time sitting at desks, so look for an ergonomic design with lumbar support, and height adjustment so you can alter it to suit you.…

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How To Set Up Your Home Office With Bad Credit

Many people are at a crossroads in their careers and due to the proliferation and ease of the internet, many choose to set up a home office. Overheads can be low and lifestyle choices can also come into play as you can combine childcare at the same time, or look after elderly relatives. However, many people often find themselves in the situation of having bad credit due to their previous spending history. Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that if you have been unable to pay your bills in the past, many traditional lenders will look upon your history unfavorably and will not extend you credit.…

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Creating a One-Of-A-Kind Home Office to Keep You Efficient During Quarantine

Do you find yourself suddenly spending a whole lot of time in your home office as of late? Does quarantine have you trapped at home and trying to stay as efficient and productive as possible? Perhaps your home office was rarely used before this, and therefore it’s not exactly the ideal set-up, and suddenly it needs to perform at the same level your actual office did. How do you go about making this happen while creating a space that feels one-of-a-kind, inspiring, and motivational?

Work From Home - WFH

Not to worry, as there are tips you can use that will address each of these issues – let’s take a closer look.…

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4 Signs You’re Ready for an Office Space

Is your home office your advantage, or is it preventing your company’s growth?

Home office space

During the early phases of launching your business, your home office is your advantage. It enables you to run as financially lean as possible. This means you can focus your time and your budget on building the company.

However, you will reach a point where the lack of an actual office space/building may be a problem. You may find that you can’t reach the next level without it and it’s now become a disadvantage.

Here are 4 common signs it could be time to make the move. If you already feel like you’re ready to take the plunge, we invite you to read some helpful information about commercial leases to help you prepare for the big move.…

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Your Ecommerce Store HQ: Your Home, Rented Space or Virtual Office?

There are plenty of advantages and disadvantages to running your ecommerce business from home, but an argument can definitely be made for having a separate business address to display on your websites.

Home office space

A proper business address legitimizes your online operations, while comfortably insulating your personal life and family from the business itself. Not to mention, you don’t want angry customers showing up at your house when the postman drops and destroys the bright blue widgets they ordered from you!

A virtual office also offers benefits that both working from home or renting a full-time brick-and-mortar office do not. While the final choice will definitely come down to your own preferences, and the type of online store you run, you’ll find the advantages offered by each down below to help decide which option is right for you and your business.…

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