Creating a One-Of-A-Kind Home Office to Keep You Efficient During Quarantine

Do you find yourself suddenly spending a whole lot of time in your home office as of late? Does quarantine have you trapped at home and trying to stay as efficient and productive as possible? Perhaps your home office was rarely used before this, and therefore it’s not exactly the ideal set-up, and suddenly it needs to perform at the same level your actual office did. How do you go about making this happen while creating a space that feels one-of-a-kind, inspiring, and motivational?

Work From Home - WFH

Not to worry, as there are tips you can use that will address each of these issues – let’s take a closer look.

Update the Office Furniture

Let’s face it, unless you were using your home office on a regular basis, there’s a good chance the office furniture leaves a lot to the imagination. And it’s not just how the furniture looks; it’s how it functions. For example, maybe you have an old chair that you used the rare time you worked from home. Suddenly you are working at your desk 8+ hours a day and that old chair doesn’t offer support or comfort. A brand new ergonomically designed chair could really make a massive difference.

Even your desk can be an issue, as it may not offer enough space for you to spread out and be productive.

This is when it’s time to update and upgrade your furniture. Think of it as in investment in your career, as there’s a good chance that even once quarantine does end, things will never go back to how they were. This could mean that working from home becomes the new normal for thousands of people.

Add Some Wall Art to the Space

While this may seem like a small thing to do, it’s amazing what a little home décor can do in your office space. Adding some wall art, posters, or anything else that brightens your mood will make the space more inviting and unique. You can order items online or repurpose décor and art from other rooms in the house that have too much.

Bring in Some Task Lighting

Task lighting is another item that will add uniqueness to your office, and offer a functional benefit as well. Think desk lamps and lights that can be positioned in different directions so that it works for all your needs.

Create a Beverage Station

One thing you may be missing about your office while working from home is the beverage station. It’s always nice to grab that fresh drink or water, or a coffee to perk you up. So, if the space allows, why not set up your own beverage station in your home office? You can go all out and install a single cup coffee brewer, a small bar fridge to fill with cold beverages, and anything else that strikes your fancy.

Just be sure to do all your shopping online so you can adhere to social distancing.

Go Ahead and Create an Inspiring Space

These tips will make it possible for you to create a one-of-a-kind home office that helps you be efficient during quarantine.


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