How and Why NFT Games will Change Our Future

NFTs, which have been around since 2014, are increasingly utilized to buy and sell digital art. NFTs have cost around $174 million since 2017. NFTs are digital collectibles. It represents music, cinema, art, and gaming.

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To trade NFTs, you need Bitcoin. Several NFTs allow for digital asset ownership and transferability. Art, music, weaponry, literature, and geography may all be used to create in-game assets.

Game developers and writers maintain full rights to all data, assets, and characters created in their games. You must pay for everything in your game, but you do not own it. When you stop the game, your money is gone. In quest of a new gaming experience, you no longer spend sleepless evenings battling clans or racing circuits.

With NFT, Users may take control of a game utilizing blockchain and NFT technology. Digital things may be traded and used in other games, giving them real-world worth. Imagine possessing a renowned athlete or influencer’s unique blade. Rarity and using blockchain to verify provenance may increase resale value!

What is a Play-to-Earn Game?

A P2E game restricts the player’s ability to own items acquired in-game. The player appreciates all in-game purchases.

P2E games, on the other hand, allow players to be creative while earning incentives. Instead of keeping development restricted, P2E incorporates Crypto and NFT games. As a result, P2E games are not controlled by corporations. No central authority limits player participation. It provides players complete control over the competition.

Player assets are not restricted in-game due to their public blockchain status. Blockchain is used to execute contracts. The sale of in-game items such as armors, characters, and potions also defines P2E games. The game’s money tokens will be genuine.

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Benefits of Play-to-Earn game

The benefits and drawbacks of play-to-earn games are well-documented. Here are some of the benefits and downsides of this current trend.

  • Boosts blockchain technology’s general acceptance.
  • A program that recognizes gamers for their contributions to the business.
  • Establishes solid and long-term relationships with players.
  • It gives players a stream of revenue that they otherwise would not have.
  • Promoting NFT and DeFi growth in the crypto business.

Crypto is coming to gaming

That play-to-earn games are merely a new trend among bitcoin enthusiasts, corporations, and investors are widely accepted:

  • Instead of buying a game or investing in a F2P, the game would pay you to play it with built-in incentives to reward your time and, in some instances, a modest financial stake in the firm that generated it.
  • It is likely for a player to win unique and verified things by playing such a game. These objects may then be traded, bought, or sold. As with a limited-edition product or a piece of art, their unique IDs provide the dynamic value of blockchain and NFT components.
  • These game-based NFTs are similar to the digital paintings, trading cards, and other online collectibles that have been swept up in the crypto gold rush this year. Only a few gaming NFTs allow for real-world transfers of in-game goods, wrecking established game economies (though many game makers forbid it).

It is just a matter of time until Bitcoin and gaming collide. If the “play-to-earn” combination is widely accepted as a part of the “web3” decentralization movement, gamers may witness new financial incentives and a new era of gaming. As a result, the gaming industry’s business models may be radically altered.

NFTs and Blockchain gaming is transforming the gaming industry

The cryptocurrency’s boom-and-bust history lends credence to concerns about its long-term viability. It’s encouraging to see well-known game firms with devoted fan bases already making progress in the blockchain and NFT space.


Evidence suggests that the technology has a short shelf life. Investors may gain from well-known gaming companies investing in blockchain and NFT technology.


Atari Blockchain, a new department devoted to blockchain, has been announced. Buy digital items using Atari VCS, Atari blockchain games, or third-party applications like or Decentraland.


The Six Dragons will be released later this year on PlayStation 5 with over a billion randomly generated dungeons and over 300 in-game things to trade, sell, or expand characters. Item trading and crafting are done on the Ethereum blockchain, which is one of the first popular gaming platforms to use NFTs.

Animoca Brands

It has been said that “gamers no longer want to lose out on the potentially lucrative prospects that NFTs and blockchain provide,” according to Yat Siu, chairman of the parent company of game companies The Sandbox, Nway, and Quidd.


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