How Outsourcing Non-Core Functions Can Free You up for Strategy

Many businesses regardless of their size sometimes engage with an external service provider to perform certain business functions. This practice allows companies to focus on their niche better and boost their productivity for the market their targeting.

Businesswoman outsourcing non-strategic tasks

This practice is commonly done by companies that are highly focused on their work and understand that expanding certain activities or departments can divert manpower and money or that they just lack the skill set to do so on their own. This can also be true for morale, especially if employees are given low valued repetitive tasks like creating reports, data collection and data entry. This can cause not only attention diversion from what is their core job, but also create a monotony that will cause them to lose interest to focus on more important and strategic initiatives.

What Businesses Gain From Outsourcing?

Your employees will be able to do what you pay them for: strategic and creative thinking, identifying new markets, competitor awareness, staff development, client relationship building and all of these tasks are the responsibility of your employees. With outsourcing, you will give them enough time to focus on what matters for your company.

Outsourcing will empower your full-time employees with the required time and resources for strategic work. We have enlisted some of the prominent advantages of outsourcing.

1. Reduce Operational Costs

Business owners know the cost of labor is high, and it gets higher especially where the parent company is located and available manpower resources. T to resolve this owners can outsource some of the business functions to a firm and location where you find the labor costs are affordable and you have the access to skilled manpower.

For example, through outsourcing a company can get the service of a highly skilled IT technician or web developer by paying only a fraction of an in-house engineers’ wage.

2. Opportunities to Explore More

Like we mentioned before, outsourcing allows you to focus on what is important and can boost your company’s growth. It is proven that companies that adapt to outsourcing rise quicker than the companies that don’t.

Companies can hire a trustable third-party provider that can ensure the quality and speed of the project you want to outsource. In this way, the parent company will have more time and resources to launch and focus on new projects.

3. Launching Products without any Delay

To start new projects, companies need a lot of time to focus on new strategies. Outsourcing things like marketing and target market evaluation gives you enough time to take the required steps to design and launch your desired projects without worrying about anything else.

You will have enough time to train your employees and marketize your initiative and provide your company with the support it needs.

4. Focus on Core Tasks

The trending thing about outsourcing is that it gives you time and focus on what matters to you. It does not engage you in low-value tasks. Business owners occasionally find themselves indulging in micromanagement of tasks that are a low priority, but important, causing a drain on the energy and talent required to create strategies.

One of the most common business functions to outsource is your customer service. Using virtual answering services, for example, can help your business in dealing with call answering 24/7 without spending too much on salary and operational expenses.

5. Increased Efficiency

In-house productivity and efficiency will increase making it possible for employees to finish their tasks on time without any delays. Projects will be more creative and captivating and will highlight your company’s uniqueness and determination to professionalism.

Business outsourcing

6. Risk Reduction

Risks are a part of business and almost every business project or investment has a certain element of risk in it that can or cannot be avoided based on what strategy you choose. Risks are triggered due to the continuous changes in the market and outsourcing can benefit you and your business as these firms and individuals are experts and have a better understanding of the area they cover, reducing risks involved to a level you may not be able to achieve on your own.

7. Potential Collaborations

With outsourcing, you will have tons of promising collaborations with many desired small and large corporations. Because multiple small businesses look for opportunities where they can collab with medium or large businesses to expand their product reach.

Outsourcing helps small companies to have an equal footing with large ones by providing them access to the same economies of scale and efficiency that other larger companies have, without the heavy expansion and investment of both time and money normally associated with such.

8. Skilled Experts

It is hard to keep up with the forever-changing trends of technology, and with these fast pace advancements, it is hard for many companies to take time and hire professionals with experience in IT, marketing, and other industry-related sectors.

But outsourcing offers a solution for companies to keep up with the agile evolution of technology. By outsourcing, companies can partner with any third-party facilitator to provide expert-level skills, even when the market is changing, offering extreme flexibility to your business to adapt to the changes. These third-party facilitators will pair your company with skilled tech experts so that your company can do a project efficiently without any setbacks.

9. Increased Competition

When your brand will be equipped with top-notch tech and experienced and professional staff that focus on strategic planning more than low-value tasks, it contributes to strong competition in the market.

This is common when companies use both external and internal expertise to deliver high-quality products or services, this winning formula derives from the market and many small businesses take these companies as a role model for them to succeed and grow.



By now we have seen how outsourcing can be a great way to elevate your business from a small scale to a larger one with the help of both internal and external teams of experts. But we recommend outsourcing any of your tasks, consult an expert and a reputable third-party provider to provide the best of service for your firm and save the stress of ending up with an unprofessional one.

Outsourcing will also help you to spot what needs most of your attention and how you can utilize it to boost your company’s performance.


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