Listening to Your Customers to Improve Your Business

If you’ve just started your business and are wondering how to ensure its success, you’ll know there’s no certain solution. Yet, you can significantly improve the chances of getting your business off the ground by listening to your customers.

Listening to customer


Being flexible with payments and offering more options will always appeal to more potential customers. PAX SDK helps you accept credit card payments and other payment options, whether your business is retail, hospitality or creative. If you’re unsure about using this, you can access full support on how to use the equipment and ask any questions you have about processed transactions. Your clients can pay you with confidence, as none of their payment details are stored on your server.

While it’s your choice which payment methods you accept, it’s important to remember that limiting payment options could reduce your number of customers. People will always have their preferred ways to pay. If you don’t listen to these preferences, they might go to one of your competitors instead.

Monitoring engagement

By monitoring the engagement on your website, social media pages, responses to emails, etc you can determine what gets the best response. If you’re sending newsletters to your list but only a small percentage of emails are being opened, you might need to change the subject lines. These may sound like spam and go directly to the recipient’s spam folder. Alternatively, the recipient might not have any interest in what the subject line suggests the rest of the email contains.

In which case, consider a better subject line to sum up the content, and possibly change the content to match their interests.

Listening to feedback

When you get feedback, it’s crucial to listen to it. This could be from reviews, responses to feedback requests, or subtler feedback on social media. If some posts get more likes than others, you can look closer to see if these have a common theme.

Ask yourself, do these posts offer something specific, or show customers a different way of doing something? Can you use similar social media content to link their interests to your products or services?

Alternatively, negative responses can improve your business if you listen to what customers are saying and make changes in line with this feedback.

Targeted marketing

If you want to let customers know about a new product you have launched, it’s important to know the demographic this is most likely to appeal to and focus a large part of your marketing on that specific group.

For example, you might send a newsletter launching a new product suitable for the over 60s to anyone over that age on your mailing list. Or you could pay for advertising in a magazine for the over 60s.

Listening to customers shows you value them. People want to feel like more than just a transaction in your business. If they see you responding to their needs or preferences, they will be more likely to buy from you again and recommend your business to their friends.


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