Unique Career and Business Choices for Lawyers

Going into law is a dream come true for many people. They love looking at all the miniscule details that go into legal issues. They might even enjoy helping other people get out of legal trouble.

Lawyer turned into real estate conveyancing

While many people think that becoming a trial lawyer is the only solid career path for someone with a law degree, there are many great businesses and careers that don’t require the 80-hour weeks that most lawyers put in early in their career. Owning a business or having a solid career path is important, but more than making money, finding an option that suits the lifestyle you want is critical as well.

Here are some unique career and business choices for lawyers looking outside the box.

Real Estate Business

What many people don’t understand are all the legal considerations that arise when buying and selling homes. Writing contracts, using the right language to avoid getting yourself in trouble, and managing all the steps of the real estate deal requires a lot of legal knowledge.

While going through real estate school can prepare you at the lower level, if you want to go into law, consider running a real estate business when you get done. LSAT prep courses will get you ready to get into law school, but real estate courses will help you get into the nitty gritty of how to handle the real estate process.

Risk Management

Businesses need skilled legal professionals in many different roles. Risk management helps companies identify areas where they might be at risk and to mitigate them effectively. They’ll look for legal holes that need to be filled within a company and can provide expertise that creates added protections for these businesses.

Whether they suggest better contracts or improved IT processes and safety protocols, a lawyer is the perfect fit for risk management.

County Sheriff

Lawyers know the law, and sheriffs help enforce the law. Becoming a county sheriff is a great option for lawyers who are needing a change of pace. County sheriffs do honorable work, and their office can benefit from the extensive knowledge and education that lawyers have.

Contract Manager

For lawyers looking for a slower pace than trial law can provide, you may want to investigate being a contract manager for a company. The pay is good, the hours are better than the typical 80 or so that the average lawyer puts in a week with a legal firm, and the work is straightforward.

At the core, a contracts manager oversees various contracts of a particular company. These can be contracts with leases, vendors, and even assisting HR with labor contracts. Their role is vital to help businesses manage contracts and stay on top of their contractual obligations.


Depending on the role you get elected for, politics is the perfect role for lawyers. Many representative government roles are in fact called lawmakers.

As a politician, you would be responsible for creating laws that best represented the people who elected you. Politics allows you to use your voice, your debate skills, and your legal expertise to help the people in the community that elects you. The reason why many lawyers go into politics in the first place is to be a help to their community.

Investment Banking

Your legal skills are perfectly suited for a business in investment banking. Managing large portfolios, directing investment strategies, and assisting clients with their long- and short-term investments can not only be lucrative, but also rewarding. You’ll be helping people create wealth for themselves and future generations.

As an investment banker you can also help people decide on the best avenues for retirement funds especially if they got a late start in saving.

FBI Agent

As a lawyer you need to be extremely observant and notice the small details. These same skills are also beneficial for careers with the FBI. As an FBI agent you’ll be able to work on cases to ensure none of the important details are missed or overlooked. It’s an important role and you can utilize your skills for many different branches of the FBI.

If you have a particular discipline you’re interested in, the FBI probably has it. They handle anything from internet crimes to drug crimes.


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