4 Ways to Build a Better Cybersecurity Culture

Cyber-Security is much more than a matter of IT. – Stephane Nappo.

Cybersecurity is a global problem that needs all hands on deck. The above quote signifies that it is a concerning matter not only for IT but for almost every industry that stores data on the web.

Cybersecurity culture

As of January 2022, there are more than 4.66 billion Internet users globally, and this number continues to grow, along with the number of cyber attacks targeted at both individuals and businesses. An Accenture study revealed that 78% of business owners believe that cybersecurity risks are increasing.

To make organizations less susceptible to attack, cybersecurity must be a top priority. If you want to keep your business data secure, you need to build a better cybersecurity culture in your organization. Here are some ways to do so!

What is a Cybersecurity Culture?

Cybersecurity culture is a work environment where every person is aware of cybersecurity risks and how to counteract them. Every individual in a good cybersecurity culture handles each piece of data mindfully and safely, ensuring that it doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

Effective Tips to Build a Better Cybersecurity Culture

Building a better and stronger cybersecurity culture can be a bit tough. It must be a team effort with all organization members on board. Here are effective ways to start building your own cybersecurity culture!

1. Devise easy to follow methods

The term cybersecurity can be a bit overwhelming for your employees. Therefore, it’s your job to make it as simple as possible by providing them with tools and methods that are easy to use and follow, such as:

  • Password management: Using strong passwords is a must in business, but it can be quite tiresome for your employees to use strong passwords for every single business account. Using additional tools for password management will make this much easier for them.
  • 2FA: Two-factor authentication is an awesome way to ensure that employees log in to their accounts securely. Encourage your employees to add their email or phone to their login. This will make it so that nobody can access their accounts even if their passwords get leaked.

Make sure that all cybersecurity tools and methods you implement are as easy to use as the two mentioned above!

2. Be honest and open

If you want to keep your organization safe from cyber attacks, you need to make all of your employees aware of what’s at stake. Moreover, tell them how everyone has to change their ways of using and working with data.

There are some policies that you might need to redraft, such as:

  • Data storage on personal devices (phones and laptops): Ensure that personal pen drives or hard drives are not connected to office computers.
  • Communication while out of the office: Make sure official emails are not exchanged from personal devices. If required, they should be exchanged while encrypted.
  • The use of software and computer configuration: All installed software should be free from malware and should be updated to the latest version.

3. Encourage your employees to speak up

When employees notice a mistake that they or a colleague have made, they’re often reluctant to report it because they fear punishment. But you need to know all errors related to cybersecurity in your company to ensure that your business is protected, so make sure that your employees are not afraid to share anything with you!

Ensure that you reward employees who speak up and educate them on prior mistakes. Avoid punishing or patronizing them.

4. Invest heavily in training

The key way to build a cybersecurity culture is to invest more time in training. Take some time out of your work hours to educate your staff about cybersecurity by taking a cyber-security training course. Make the experience as immersive as possible by providing real-life examples and stats. In this training, you should talk about the biggest cyber threats and the most important things to do to avoid them.


You might have a strong cybersecurity infrastructure and an amazing IT and security team. But if your employees are not aware of the techniques to protect the company, you can’t build a good cybersecurity culture. Make sure that everyone from your company is in the loop and understands their responsibilities!


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