IRAs And Investment Companies Or Custodians Go Hand-In-Hand

Investors have many options for saving funds to carry them into a successful retirement. The ideal strategy will involve investments with long-term returns, but only certain assets have that capacity.

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It takes self-education and thorough research to discern which ones will take what starts as a nest egg and turn it into a lucrative future.

A prime example of a longer-term choice is an individual retirement account or IRA. Unless you want to have tax repercussions and hefty penalties, you cannot touch the assets in these accounts until you reach retirement age.

There are different kinds, including the standard and self-directed as sort of the umbrella “labels” under which there are varied options like traditional and Roth, among others.

With the self-directed accounts, you have the option of straying from the paper classes into alternative assets that would include physical commodities, of which precious metals are a favored choice. With standard IRAs, paper classes are the go-to such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and on.

Let’s dig a little deeper into each IRA so you can develop more of an understanding and look at investment companies that can help establish your retirement strategy.


IRAs And Investment Companies Or Custodians Go Hand-In-Hand

An individual retirement account is a tax-advantaged savings account many investors incorporate into their holdings to produce longer-term results compared to some of the more rapidly moving and risky assets that proliferate but are much more volatile.

Typically there is a financial institution or a broker referenced as a custodial service that opens the account and manages it. For self-directed IRAs, the custodian needs to be approved by the Internal Revenue Service and specialize in the type of asset you intend to put in the IRA.

For instance, if you choose to purchase gold for IRA placement, the custodian would help you find a well-established gold dealer to buy the gold from and handle the transaction with the gold company. Read the steps to take to select the ideal gold IRA company.

What makes an IRA a lucrative future investment is a stipulation that the assets cannot be touched until you reach retirement age. In this country (U.S.), that means age 59.5.

For anyone who takes early distributions, tax repercussions and heavy penalties must be paid to the appropriate entities. These regulations basically force you to save for the future.

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Types Of IRA Choices

Whether you choose a standard individual retirement account or self-directed option, you receive comparable tax benefits. You can take advantage of either a traditional or Roth type of account option.

Traditional IRA

A standard traditional IRA needs to be opened by a financial advisor or a broker investment company. You are not taxed on the amount of your savings. That’s even if you contribute as much as 100% of earned savings.

There will only be a charge if you choose to withdraw before you retire. Taxes are dependent on the overall income threshold and will be deducted based on where that falls.

Your age will determine the limitation on contributions each year. If you’re under the age of 50 or over the age of 50, the amounts differ.

Roth IRA

With this type of account, you have permission to withdraw savings before the retirement date with conditions in place, plus there are tax differences between the Roth and the traditional accounts. There are taxes taken on contributions before they go into the IRA.

If you plan to withdraw at retirement, there will be tax deductions at that time. After that initial amount that goes in sees a tax deduction, withdrawals from that point after will be free of taxes.

The amount of money you earn also plays a part since there is a specific threshold; if exceeded, you will likely not be able to open this type of account. There are also limitations on the amount you can invest and save based on your marital status.

Precious Metal IRA

Another choice recommended by many financial advisors and brokers is a gold or other precious metal IRA. You have the option of investing in either silver, palladium, platinum, or gold with these accounts.

Again, as an investor, it is a requirement that you use a specialized, IRS-approved custodian to open the self-directed IRA and a gold IRA company to purchase the metals. The custodian and the gold IRA dealer handle the transactions while you, as the owner, make all final decisions since the accounts are self-directed.

The precious metal is kept in a secure and safe IRS-approved depository until retirement age.

Still, you have the option of adding to it as you wish. The suggestion is to use the physical commodity to diversify retirement holdings, not as a majority asset in your portfolio. It is recommended to have no more than perhaps 15% of your holdings in gold or other metals.

According to IRS stipulations, there are particular coins and bars allowed in an IRA. These add a stable long-term investment opportunity with the possibility for high returns, but it takes patience.

That makes them ideal for a retirement strategy. You won’t want to do anything with it until you reach retirement age because it will take ample time to see substantial growth.

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Final Thought

As a rule, there needs to be a financial entity or custodial service managing the IRA with any individual retirement account. With the precious metal option, this individual or entity must specialize in self-directed accounts that hold gold or other metals. Learn how to invest using a gold IRA company at

There are more regulations for a gold IRA custodian, including involvement with a gold IRA company that will be selling the metals plus a depository to store the products and more applicable fees since the administration and management will need to be more extensive.

The benefit with all individual retirement accounts, especially precious metals, is they offer a steady long-term growth process that most retirees look for to stabilize their holdings and protect their wealth well into their future.


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