Kim Bartmann’s The Bartmann Group Using Local, Fresh, And Organic Produce

Organic produce has been around for a while, but only in the last few years has it caught on. Many people are looking for grocery stores and restaurants that use organic produce that is local and fresh. Companies that provide fresh organic products tend to have the upper hand over those that don’t. Simply put, people want to feel better about the food they consume and where it comes from, so organic options stand out.

Organic produce business

What are some of the top reasons people are looking for local, fresh, and organic produce? It goes beyond taste, and the more educated customers become, the more they realize the effects of organic produce.

Local support

Local farmers are the backbone of any community. While there was a trend when companies would look for the cheapest available produce to meet demand, now it’s a selling point to support other locals. The Bartmann Group takes pride in getting their produce locally and has seen its effect on the quality of their food.

As energy prices rise, shopping locally becomes more feasible as well. Businesses embrace this fresh produce and do not feel like they need to look elsewhere.

It might not seem like much, but building a relationship with others in the community is never a bad thing. It’s how a lot of local places have grown into something bigger. With more people understanding that a business is working with other local businesses, they might be willing to try a new place. Having personal connections within the community is always good for all businesses. Kim Bartmann and the Bartmann Group work hard to provide good positive, long-lasting connections in the community.

Seasonal favorites

Every part of the world has foods in season during certain times of the year. They become more readily available, and most feel like they taste much better since they are fresh. For example, Kim Bartmann of the Bartmann Group is well aware of the cycles in Minneapolis, where her restaurants are located. When food becomes in season, there are ways to make specialty dishes to bring something different to the table.

It helps that local and seasonal foods have a richer and more complex taste overall. This is why many are looking for organic as an option for them. A more diverse menu can bring in new business or have a returning customer check out a brand new item. This is something that Kim Bartmann and her restaurants are well aware of.

Shopping for out-of-season produce is usually expensive and not the best experience. While it’s always possible to have foods imported, it might not be worth the trade-off of poor quality.

Economic Benefits

For small business owners, supporting the local economy is only a good thing. Money that stays with any local economy usually lasts longer and provides help as it goes on.

For example, a farmer might then spend the money they earn at a hardware store. Then, that money goes to another local store, and so on. That is why Kim Bartmann and the Bartmann Group get their produce from local farmers.

When shopping with national chains, that money goes out of the local economy and is likely never seen again. It might not seem like much with each transaction, but it does start to add up over time. There is a true economic benefit to keeping everything a bit local.

Farmer and his vegetables

Healthier and Tastier Produce

Local, organic food tends to be healthier because of the reduced amount of pesticides and herbicides used to grow the food in the first place. There’s also less energy consumed, which in turn keeps prices down because there’s less upkeep.

As for organic food being tastier, that is ultimately up to each individual. Kim Bartmann has heard this type of feedback from customers at her restaurants, but everyone has different tastes overall. It’s impossible to nail down taste completely, but most food does stay a bit richer since it has less time to lose its flavor during transportation.

Kim Bartmann of the Bartmann Group understands firsthand how important it is to use fresh produce to impact the taste in her restaurants. Kim Bartmann’s restaurants like Pat’s Tap, Book Club, Or Red Stag Supperclub are tiny diners that bring the community together by embracing the locals, but it’s also been a way to differentiate from others. Many people in the greater Minneapolis area have noticed that organic produce does make a difference.

Kim Bartmann has fully committed to the move and is anxious to see how much it can help. Creating a relationship with other local businessmen and businesswomen is icing on the cake.

Getting over Organic Produce Fears

Many businesses have stayed away from going organic for one reason or another. The most common reason is that it’s more expensive, which is the case most of the time. However, there is a trade-off of getting higher quality options to consumers.

Having choices also helps many companies to beat out the competition. If there’s no local and organic produce available, it’s hard to make a restaurant seem different than anything else out there.

Is Going Organic Ultimately Worth It?

Shopping local in any capacity is the first step to creating a stronger community and improving business relations overall. Kim Bartmann of the Bartmann Group understands going the organic route can open up even more doors. While not everything needs to be organic at a restaurant or business, having that option shows more diversity available for those looking for it.

Any business not dealing with organic produce at this time should at least explore options and see what’s available. They might be surprised to see just how affordable it’s become. Kim Bartmann of the Bartmann Group has seen the advantages it has given her and her restaurants.


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