What Should I Do If an Independent Adjudicator Calls Me Following a Truck Accident?

Accident victims who have been injured in commercial vehicle accidents may be contacted by their insurance company’s independent adjuster. These adjusters assert that they are only there to ensure the victim’s safety and to perform an accident inquiry.

Truck accident

Regardless of the fact that these independent adjusters are compensated by the insurance company, they will behave in the insurance company’s best interests rather than yours. If they attempt to contact you following a collision, it is critical that you understand their motivations so that you can deal with them effectively.

Our goal is to assist you in obtaining the maximum compensation possible following a commercial trucking accident. There is no obligation to pursue legal action in order to have a free consultation.

Can a Single Adjuster be Found?

In the majority of circumstances, the insurance company that may be held liable for damages resulting from a car accident employs an insurance adjuster. If you’re in an accident with a business truck, you can rest assured that the truck is covered by commercial auto insurance. If you submit a third-party claim against that policy, an adjuster from that insurer will be assigned to your claim.

However, an independent adjuster is still employed by the insurance company, albeit as an independent contractor.

Is This Person Sufficiently Independent?

Despite the fact that the majority of independent adjusters are approachable and appear kind, bear in mind that they are working for the business that hired them, not for you.

Although these adjusters are considered independent because they do not work for the company full-time, they are compensated by the insurance company. When you or your attorney decide to sue a certain company, their primary objective is to protect the corporation’s interests, not yours.

It is Difficult to Explain What Just Happened to The Independent Adjuster

When an independent adjuster calls or comes to your door, they should be regarded the same as a normal adjuster. Maintain a polite demeanor, but keep your mouth shut. If they discover any justification to do so, they may modify or deny your truck accident claim.

There are a few points to consider while discussing an accident or injury. This individual should be sent to your attorney with any questions they may have. The adjuster may believe that hiring a lawyer is a terrible idea, but that is only because victims who hire lawyers frequently receive more compensation than those who do not. The insurance company would prefer that you resolve the matter on your own, as they are aware of how time consuming the legal process can be.

The Issue is Whether or Not to Make a Statement

Before making any recorded or written statement to any insurance company adjuster who want to learn more about your accident or injuries, you should contact with a licensed attorney.

It is acceptable, though, if you have previously spoken with the independent adjuster and supplied a statement. You should share this information with your 18 wheeler accident lawyer Washington DC so that they are prepared.


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