Contemporary Ways to Hiring the Best Talents

Tired of old recruitment methods? Posting on job boards, going through the in-person interview process, and using stacks of paper for tracking and recording applicants… These days are gone.

Hiring new talents

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In 2022, there are numerous ways in which you can find and hire new employees. With the ever-developing technology and a never-ending stream of fresh millennial talent, modernizing your recruitment process has never been as crucial and easy to implement as right now.

In this post, we’re going to check out some modern recruitment techniques for your business. But first, what are the benefits of these modern recruitment techniques?

The Benefits Of Contemporary Recruitment Techniques

There are several benefits involved with a modern, streamlined recruitment process. Through the use of HR recruitment software and new-age attitudes to employment, you can gain the following benefits:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Attracting the best talent
  • Efficiency
  • Reduce admin

With automated software and technology assisting the recruitment process, not only do you save hours and hours of physical admin but reduce the time it takes to onboard as well as attract fresh talent through social media and video interview processes.

So, what are some of these modern recruitment techniques?

The Best Contemporary Recruitment Techniques For Your Business

Utilize Social Media

This will come as no surprise in 2022 and is one of the best ways you can attract and recruit fresh talent. Did you know that 79% of job seekers are likely to use social media in their job search (this is as high as 86% for young job seekers)?

With stats like that, it is clear how important social media is for recruiting. However, it is important to ensure you have an amazing online presence, with complete information, great content, and a business social media profile that makes candidates want to come and work for you.

While the main platforms include LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, don’t overlook Youtube, Tik Tok, and Instagram for targeting millennials and fresher talent.

Use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

This technique will save endless hours of admin and mean admin staff, take on newer more exciting roles in replace of managing hundreds of job applicants.

Agency software can track your job campaigns, log candidate details which can be used not only for this role but recorded and organized for future job openings. Meaning you can immediately highlight suitable candidates for any job (present or future) with just a few clicks.

The use of ATS is perhaps the number one factor for having an efficient, streamlined onboarding process.

Promote A Modern Company Culture

While this isn’t a technique as such, having an online presence that promotes a fantastic workplace culture that candidates want to be a part of is crucial for a modern recruitment process.

There are several ways you can show this:

  • Complete social media profiles
  • Regular informative social content
  • Engaging content
  • Videos
  • Workplace transparency

Essentially you want to create an incredible place to work, show content on your social media that shows how easy and fun it is to work within your company, show the role each candidate plays in the bigger picture, and most importantly, be transparent with what you offer in terms of salary, benefits, and responsibilities.

Use Employee Referrals

This technique is an incredible way to increase your leverage in terms of how you employ people. By incentivizing current employees to refer new candidates, you relieve the stress on your recruitment team and gain access to a massive pool of talent that otherwise wouldn’t be available.

In terms of the best talent (current employees at your company), the best people tend to surround themselves with other successful individuals, which you will not be exposing your company to.

Implement AI

The most ‘futuristic’ and exciting modern recruitment technique is the use of Artificial Intelligence, which can significantly reduce admin and make for a hyper-efficient onboarding process.

AI can be used to filter candidates, scan cover letters and even highlight the best-suited candidates for current or future jobs. So instead of an administrator sifting through stacks of applications, AI-based recruitment software can alleviate this workload.

Take Advantage Of Video/Remote Interviews

In this post-pandemic world, remote work and the use of video meetings have more or less become the norm. It is, for the most part, no longer necessary to hold in-person interviews, with more and more people living where they want and working from anywhere. Offering the chance to fill a position remotely or at least an interview by video is a great way to attract the freshest, most modern talent.


There are numerous techniques you can now implement into your recruitment process to make for a more modern, more efficient, more cost-effective, and overall better experience for both you as a company and your potential candidates. Training your recruiters will help them develop a more updated approach to recruitment.

If you need any help regarding new recruitment techniques, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. We’d love to assist you with creating an efficient, streamlined process.


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