10 Creative Ideas For Your Next Business Proposal

Are you looking for some creative ideas to make your business proposal stand out? If so, then this blog post might be just what you need! This is a list of 10 different ways that you can make your next proposal more creative. The ideas range from simple and quick to elaborate and time-consuming; they are all worth considering before starting on the project.

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So go ahead, put on your thinking cap (or maybe even grab a whiteboard or two) and start brainstorming today! You’ll thank yourself later.

#1. Get Personal

Your audience is composed of individual people with their own thoughts and feelings on the matter at hand. Show them you understand how they feel about your proposition by making your first paragraph personal.

Instead of beginning with some generality like “An overwhelming majority of Americans support gun control”, try something like, “You were disappointed when Congress blocked our last gun control initiative weren’t you?” And then tie that common experience right back into why your prospects should care about your proposal.

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#2. A Good Business Proposal Example Always Uses Images

Images are a great way to break up the monotony of text and help your audience visualize your proposition. I mean, it’s not fun to read a slideshow that’s just a chock-full of words and numbers right? The quick solution would be to use great images.

They can also be very persuasive, as research has shown that people are more likely to agree with an image than with text alone. So if you can find a way to work images into your proposal, go for it!

Need great images for your design? Check out Venngage and scroll through their hundreds of templates for business proposals and pitch decks.

#3. Looking for Great Business Proposal Ideas? Make a Meme!

This one’s admittedly a little risky, but there’s no reason you can’t have some fun with your business proposals. A well-executed meme can help you stand out from the competition and demonstrate that you have a sense of humor. Just make sure the meme is relevant to your proposal and its target audience.

Experiment on this one and you might just surprise yourself!

Using cartoon in business proposal


#4. Need a Unique Business Proposal Sample? Try a Cartoon

Similarly, a well-done cartoon can add some levity to your proposal and make it more relatable. Sometimes, we all need to lighten things up, the same is true when it comes to proposals.

However, make sure the tone of the cartoon is appropriate for your audience and the subject matter of your proposal. Doing this the wrong way can have unintended effects on your business proposal.

#5. Use Quotations for Your Business Plan Proposal

Quotes are a great way to add authority to your argument and help you connect with your audience on an emotional level. They also break up the text and make your proposal more visually appealing. So consider using quotations in your next proposal, especially if they’re relevant to the topic at hand.

#6. Get Creative With Your Headings

Headings are a great opportunity to be creative and help your audience understand what you’re talking about quickly. Think about ways you can use creative typography, interesting fonts, or eye-catching graphics to make your headings stand out.

Making sure that your heading grabs good attention is a sure-fire way for investors to become interested in what you have to say.

Infographic in business proposal


#7. Use Infographics (Go For a Business Proposal Template!)

Infographics are a great way to present complex information in an easy-to-digest format. Look, not everyone loves looking at numbers and big data, I mean who hasn’t slept through one of those meetings right?

That is why if you have data or statistics that are relevant to your proposal, consider using infographics to present them. Infographics are a fun way to make people notice important numbers that are crucial to the success of your proposal.

#8. Use an Unusual Format

Consider using an unusual format for your proposal, like a fake newspaper or magazine article, a graphic novel, or even an Alex Jones-style rant if it’s appropriate for your audience and your topic. Just make sure that the font remains legible and easy to read.

While this may also be risky, getting it right could lead you to great rewards.

#9. Use an Animation

Animated videos can be a great way to explain complex concepts or ideas in an easily digestible format. can also be very persuasive, as research has shown that people are more likely to agree with an image than with text alone. So if you can find a way to work animations into your proposal, go for it!

#10. Make a Mockup

If you’re proposing a new product or service, consider creating a mockup to help your audience visualize it. It also helps your investors see or even feel how your product will operate once it is out in the market.

A well-done mockup can be very persuasive and can help you win over skeptical prospects.


Putting together a great business proposal takes time and effort, but it’s worth it in the end. With these 10 creative ideas, you’ll be able to put together proposals that stand out from the competition and win over even the most skeptical prospects. Good luck!


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