Email Deliverability – Why It Matters for Your Business?

Email marketing still plays a crucial role in digital marketing. Business owners love email, especially salespeople. It allows them to connect with prospects and increase their customer base. No matter how well you craft your emails and optimize your campaigns, it won’t generate the expected outcomes without the right email deliverability strategies.

Email deliverability

Email deliverability is the backbone of a successful email marketing campaign. Your deliverability strategies can make or break your emails. To make your email marketing successful, you need to ensure that your emails are successfully landed in the customers’ inboxes.

What Is Email Deliverability?

Email deliverability is the core pillar of email marketing. It ensures your email lands in the users’ inbox and not in the spam folder. All email marketing efforts will waste if the email doesn’t land in the users’ inbox. Thus, following the right deliverability best practices is crucial.

However, email deliverability shouldn’t be confused with email delivery. Email delivery refers to whether a user accepts your emails or not. On the other hand, email deliverability evaluates how many users received your emails in their inboxes.

Email deliverability gives you clear insights into why, out of 1000 emails per day, only 40-50 users show interest in your emails. All other emails are landing in the users’ spam folders. So, measuring your email deliverability efforts is crucial. The better the email deliverability, the higher the conversion rates.

Why Should You Care About Email Deliverability?

It is already clear why focusing on email deliverability is crucial.

Here are some reasons why business owners need to pay attention to email deliverability and regularly track and improve their efforts. So, let’s jump in:

1. Ensures Better ROI

Why spend too much time and effort creating an email message? To land in the users’ spam folder? If your emails aren’t reaching prospective customers, there is no point in sending them.

So, turning your attention to deliverability can ensure that every email you send to your customers land in their inbox. It’s not about enhancing your marketing strategy – it’s ultimately smart business practice.

Email deliverability can help any business to reach its height, especially startups. It can help startup businesses to increase their customer base through emails. Moreover, it also helps business marketers to manage their email programs so that email marketing campaigns and open rates are well-optimized.

2. Care About The Customer Experience

Today, business owners have tough competition to win the inbox game. To make your email marketing game solid and successful, you must consider the experience from the customer’s viewpoint.

Here are some of the ways to enhance the customer experience and win the inbox game:

Create compelling content

Content is the king in digital marketing – and email marketing is no exception. Your content plays a crucial role in enhancing your email marketing campaign. Using the right font, adding eye-catching images and graphics, and loading your content with relevant information is vital to encouraging users to open your email.

Consider Preference

Communication between a brand and its customers is a two-way path. Sending emails to non-permission-based lists isn’t worth it – as they won’t open your emails. Also, the chances are more of landing in their spam folder. Even worse, there will be an increase in unsubscribe rates and high spam complaints, hurting the sender’s reputation.

However, if your subscribers’ list is inactive, find some ways to make them re-engage with your emails or opt out from your list. If left unchecked, the number of inactive users will continue to grow.

Don’t Go Overboard With Emails

While sending emails to your customers, considering frequency is essential. Sending too many emails can frustrate the customers, and they may think you are “spam.”

However, to avoid such situations, it is wise to collect the user’s information as much as possible. The more you collect the information, the more their experience is customized. One of the best ways to collect data is sending the email reminder text and the unsubscribe link.

Mass email marketing campaign tactics

Top 3 Effective Ways To Improve Your Email Deliverability

Improving your email deliverability is an ongoing process that ideally starts from the beginning.

Here are some of the ways to improve your email deliverability:

1. Establish A Good Sender Reputation

In a world of email, your reputation matters. If you don’t have a strong sender reputation, the users will mark your email as “spam.” One of the best ways to improve your sender’s reputation is to warm up your IP address. If you have a new IP address with little or no reputation, sending emails to active users is crucial. It will signal the email provider that it’s a “good” email.

2. Clean Up Your Subscribers List

Cleaning up your subscribers’ list is a good practice. It involves removing those emails from the inactive list and never opening your emails. It will help you lower your bounce rate and spam complaints.

3. Pay Close Attention To Analytics

Paying close attention to your email deliverability analytics will help you identify the issues. The sooner you identify it, the sooner you can act to fix it.


In conclusion, following the right deliverability practices and embracing a creative approach can go a long way in maximizing your ROI.

Yes, email marketing is hard – not only the deliverability part but all of it. To boost your ROI, you also need to adapt yourself to modern changes in technology to enjoy higher returns.


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