What Are the Features and Benefits of a Home Warranty?

Purchasing a home is exciting but often brings on stress for homeowners. Owners often worry about something going wrong with their homes and being forced to pay exorbitant repair prices. Many homeowners purchase a warranty to cover the major components of their homes.

Home warranty

Learning about home warranties and what they entail will help homeowners make the correct choice.

What Is a Home Warranty?

A home warranty is a home service plan that offers renewable options for homeowners. These warranties provide discounted repair services that make homeownership more affordable. Because the contract and terms vary, homeowners need to shop around for a warranty. Homeowners can get help over at 2-10 HBW.

What Are the Benefits of Home Warranties?

Homeowners will experience many benefits when purchasing a home warranty. Considering the advantages and weighing the costs will help homeowners choose their coverage wisely. Regard the following benefits before purchasing a home warranty.

  • Most homeowners purchase a warranty because of the peace of mind it brings. Knowing their appliances and major home components are covered takes stress off the shoulders of owners.
  • If something breaks, homeowners will rest assured professionals will come out and take care of the repairs quickly. Homeowners will not have to worry about finding the right professional or paying exorbitant repair costs.
  • A home warranty also affords homeowners the option of planning ahead with their finances. Because the warranty offers upfront pricing, homeowners will not have to worry about budgeting problems.
  • A home warranty covers all the major components of the home, including the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical. Homeowners will feel reassured knowing their assets are covered.

What Does a Home Warranty Cover?

Home warranties offer extensive protection. Although they do not cover everything in the home, they provide protection for the major components. The following offers information on what a home warranty covers.

  • HVAC units and components
  • Electrical system and components
  • Garage door openers
  • Appliances like refrigerators, built-in microwaves, stoves, and washing machines

Homeowners can also purchase additional coverage for roof leaks, electronics, pools, septic systems, and well pumps. A home warranty covers repair issues with the above that arise from normal wear and tear. Exclusions do apply with these warranties, so homeowners are encouraged to research carefully before choosing a warranty plan.

Things a Home Warranty Does Not Cover

Home warranties do not cover everything in the home. The following are some of the exclusions of home warranties. Warranties vary according to the provider.

  • Structural repair issues
  • Testing and removal of mold, radon, and asbestos
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Rust, corrosion, and sediment
  • Improper maintenance or installation

Choose the Right Home Warranty

Purchasing a home warranty offers peace of mind and allows homeowners to prepare for the future. Under a home warranty, repair issues are not so stressful because they receive the immediate attention they need.

Choosing the right home warranty is paramount for protection. Homeowners should research their options carefully to ensure they choose wisely.

Home warranties are purchased by the year and are renewable. If a homeowner decides they want to continue the coverage, they can pay for additional years. Renewing the home warranty ensures homeowners receive the ongoing coverage they need for protecting their home components.

Those purchasing a home need to consider getting a home warranty. There is no reason to stress over repair issues when homeowners have access to warranty coverage.


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