What One Should Know About Putlocker?

Online movie and television show streaming was formerly available through Putlocker. There are still copies and mirrors of the official website, despite its removal. Any connection between these mirrors and the website’s founder(s) is still unknown.

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Even now, many websites contain a copy of Putlocker, and they are all very well-liked. Many people are looking for alternatives to these services, as law enforcement has stepped up its crackdown on websites that disseminate copyrighted content. These alternatives were made by hackers in an effort to seize your money or personal information by trapping users searching for the newest movies or television shows. The best method to stay safe is to use a VPN, a software that prevents tracking and cyberattacks by disguising your location and browser activities.

But, what is Putlocker? What putlocker alternatives are there? To learn this and more, continue reading.

What is Putlocker?

Similar to a search engine is Putlocker. It concentrates on videos, primarily TV shows and movies, rather than web material. In terms of technology, it’s a cloud or online directory of video files that are hosted by individuals on various servers all over the world.

After Megaupload was shut down in 2011, this site, which started in the UK, managed to develop pretty quickly, drawing millions of visitors per day. The website was blocked in the UK by May 2016 due to a High Court ruling.

When you use the Putlocker search engine to look for a specific movie, TV show, music video, etc., it searches the internet for the best and highest-quality websites that hold that content. If Putlocker locates the material, it enables you to see the movie through its online player on that distant third-party server. Using a VPN, you can use Putlocker without any worries. Particularly while streaming Putlocker over a public WiFi network, a VPN encrypts all personal data to prevent theft or access by unauthorized parties, including cybercriminals.

Is it Illegal to Use Putlocker?

Although some of the information on Putlocker is distributed lawfully, many of its items are posted without authorization. You could face legal repercussions for watching this because it is against copyright regulations.

The legal systems in the US, the UK, and Australia have previously involved Putlocker in a number of legal disputes. It has even occasionally been blocked or taken offline. However, it keeps reappearing, much like the old-fashioned whack-a-mole games at the fair.

Putlocker’s legality varies by the nation due to different copyright regulations, so check your local laws before using it. Despite the fact that many people stream without any problems, some have been penalized for copyright violations.

Since free streaming websites are routinely pulled down, they frequently switch domains. This can be risky because there is no way to ensure that these websites will remain secure even if they were previously secure. The greatest method for defending against the various online hazards that free streaming websites like Putlocker may expose you to is by using a VPN.

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Are There Any Alternatives to Putlocker?

It’s a good idea to have an ace up your sleeve and be aware of a few Putlocker alternatives offering comparable services if your life is incomplete without your web streams, movies, and TV shows.

1. Tubi

Tubi first appeared in 2014. Users of this well-known streaming service can view thousands of free movies and TV series. Its vast catalog has helped them establish a reputation in the sector. The platform does not require registration and is not especially VPN-friendly, although VPN split tunneling will still function.

2. PeacockTV

A brand-new streaming service is PeacockTV. It differs from other content because it wasn’t created by a group of hackers or media experts. Instead, it’s NBC’s free streaming service, which is supported by business might.

Numerous live channels, thousands of free titles, and other features are available. You may assume that NBC’s streaming service wouldn’t face the same copyright legal complications that other top Putlocker alternatives do, and as a result, it should always be accessible online.

3. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy makes it a delight for its visitors to enjoy top TV shows and movies, which is something that website brands rarely do. Since HD is offered, the stream quality is really good. The amount of advertising on the MoviesJoy website is limited, and the associated annoyance is also. It functions nicely with VPNs and has no registration requirements.

4. AZMovies

Many movie fans turn to AZMovies due to its HD content. There are a lot more hits in the collection as well. The portal also offers a number of mirror links for each title, considerably assisting with content accessibility. Therefore, if the first link you clicked doesn’t work, try the next one to view your material.

The variety of rare films that AZMovies has in its database is another intriguing aspect. The website, which has more than 500,000 monthly visitors, doesn’t require registration and supports VPNs.

When streaming free streaming services, privacy and security are the main issues. Hackers, advertisers, and other third parties continuously eavesdrop on web traffic for the purpose of buying and selling personal information, disseminating malware, and other unlawful actions. In addition to having the bandwidth and speeds required to stream shows without interruption, a decent VPN encrypts this data.


Despite being an excellent option for online movie watching, Putlocker has several disadvantages. Even though it’s free and simple to use, it’s well known for being a place where copyright is violated. As a result, it is not possible to download a protected movie you have already seen abroad. If you’re a high-tech person who enjoys watching movies on your computer, you should choose a VPN that works with your device and the streaming service you’re using.


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