The Best Keyboard for Typing and Gaming: What You Need to Know to Find the Best One

When it comes to using your computer, keyboard usage is arguably one of the most important aspects. In fact, you’ll probably spend more time typing than anything else. After all, you can’t very well game or enjoy a video without first typing up some text!


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If you spend a lot of time typing and gaming on your computer, then you know how crucial finding the right keyboard is. The right keyboard can make all the difference when it comes to both performance and comfort. After all, even something as small as an awkward layout can be a real hindrance over time.

With this in mind, we’ve put together an article that covers everything you need to know about choosing the best keyboard for you!

What to Look for in a Keyboard

Before you even start looking at keyboards, it’s important to know what to look for when it comes to finding the right one. After all, while they may look similar on the outside, some keyboards are far superior to others in terms of both durability and functionality.

Here are some factors you need to consider:


When it comes to layout, you’ll want to look for models that either match or closely resemble your current keyboard. This ensures that you aren’t suddenly thrown off by an unfamiliar layout and risk making mistakes.

Durability and Build Quality

The last thing you want is a keyboard that breaks after a few months of use. To ensure that you get a keyboard that withstands the test of time, you’ll want to look for models that are built using high-quality materials.


If you do a lot of typing at night or in low-light conditions, then you’ll want to look for a keyboard that has backlighting. Not only does this make it easier to see, but it can also help you type more accurately.


The best keyboard for you isn’t necessarily the flashiest one on the market. Instead, you want to find a model that is functional, easy to use, and above all else, worth the money.

Types of Keyboards

Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are, put simply, the best keyboards on the market. Not only do people who use them swear by the quality, but they also boast the longest lifespan of any keyboard currently on the market.

Mechanical keyboards are made from high-quality materials and feature specially designed keys that are built to last. Many people who type for a living swear by mechanical keyboards, as they tend to last far longer than regular keyboards.

You can find mechanical keyboards in wired and wireless models. However, wireless models tend to cost more and have less-durable keys, making them a poor choice for frequent typists.

Bluetooth Keyboards

Bluetooth keyboards are the best keyboards for people who are always on the move. Bluetooth keyboards are extremely portable and extremely easy to set up. Bluetooth keyboards allow you to pair them with a host of different devices, like your smartphone, laptop, and desktop computer.

Bluetooth keyboards can be a little unreliable, as they can sometimes drop out of connection. However, most models are equipped with a function that lets you re-connect without having to go through the pairing process again. Bluetooth keyboards are available in both membrane and mechanical models.

If you want to use it with a desktop computer, it’s best to opt for a mechanical model.

Membrane Keyboards

Membrane keyboards are the most basic and entry-level type of keyboard on the market. While they’re not the best keyboards for typing or gaming, they’re a great option for those on a budget. While membrane keyboards are cheap, they’re not built to last very long.

If you’re a beginner who doesn’t spend a lot of time typing, a membrane keyboard may be a suitable option. However, if you type often and need something that is built to last, you’re better off investing in a better quality model.

Electronic Keyboards

Electronic keyboards are the best keyboards for kids. Electronic keyboards are almost identical to membrane keyboards, with the only difference being that the keys are made of soft plastic.

Electronic keyboards are super simple to use and can be a great introduction to typing for younger kids. However, they don’t last long and aren’t as suitable for serious typing as membrane models are.


Now that you know everything you need to know about choosing the best keyboard for you, it’s time to start shopping! Whether you prefer a mechanical keyboard or an electronic model, there are plenty of different models on the market.

Don’t settle for second best; instead, invest in a model that is both functional and built to last. The best keyboard for typing and gaming is out there, you just need to find it!


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