How do I Find my Keyword Ranking on Google?

Google ranking

“Where does my website rank on Google?”

That can definitely be considered to be a burning question on the mind of every digital marketer and SEO professional anywhere across the globe. A question that often follows that one is:

“For which keywords does my website rank on Google?”

These two questions might just not be on your mind, but these questions can also be asked by your manager or the clients. And if you are an SEO professional or digital marketer, it is your job to know the answers to them.

No matter how much experience or expertise you have in the field of SEO and digital marketing, and regardless of whether you are running a relatively new website, or one that has been around for a few years, you must know how to check keyword ranking in Google. It is important for the success of the website by achieving better rankings on SERPs and also for your personal career growth in the field.

Checking Keyword Ranking On Google: A Detailed Guide

If you are still learning ropes at SEO, then it is possible that you might be wondering about how to check the ranking of a keyword on Google. The answer to this is quite simple. There are three common ways that you can use to check the ranking of your keyword on Google. Let us take a look at these three ways.

1. Check Keyword Ranking With Third Party Tools

This is the easiest way to check keyword and website ranking on Google. All you need to do is use a reliable and functional third party tool to check the rankings. Any good SEO tool will have a built-in and reliable rank tracker. Here is a list of best rank tracking tools that can help you check the rankings of specific keywords that you need to track for your website.

  • SEMRush
  • SE Ranking
  • AccuRanker
  • Ahrefs
  • SERPWatcher by Mangools
  • RankRanger
  • SEO PowerSuite
  • SEObility
  • Serpstat
  • GrowthBar

2. Check Keyword Ranking With Google Search Console

You will need to connect to Google Search Console to check keyword rankings on Google. First you will have to go to “Acquisition”, then “Search Console”, and then “Queries”.

Then click on ‘Set up Search Console data sharing’.

You will have to then set up Search Console by entering a Property Name, Default URL and Default View.

Then you will see all your site’s data directly imported from Google Search Console. It will include keyword rankings, clicks and queries.

3. Check Keyword Ranking With Google Analytics

You will have to analyze the keyword rankings using the following criteria:

  • Query
  • Clicks
  • Average Position

You can quickly and accurately check keyword rankings with Google Analytics by creating a Keyword Hero account and then choosing the GA view that contains the domain.

After that, choose a conversion or goal and simply connect the right Search Console properties

Then, create an upload account and select the right plan, and you will be good to go. You will get a detailed view of all your keyword rankings here.

Ending Note

Checking keyword rankings on Google is essential for effective SEO of a website and is one of the best SEO practices that you must follow. With the above mentioned ways, you can do it seamlessly and accurately.


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