7 Ways to Build a Local Business Your Community Loves

When you build and run it the right way, a local business can succeed by having the entire community behind it. It can become a pillar in the area it serves and truly embed itself in the hearts and minds of that locale. Whether you’re a real estate agent or the owner of a brick-and-mortar store, your priority should always be to be top of mind with the people who will become your clients and customers.

Give back to the local community

So what steps can you take to build deeper ties with your community? Here are 7 ideas.

1. Facebook Groups

Having market share in your locale is also about owning a virtual space – and a Facebook group is a great way to do that. It’s an inexpensive way to pull all your people together and create a space for engagement and conversation, while keeping you top of mind.

2. YouTube

As a local business, you have the opportunity to become an authority of that neighborhood. You can be the person spotlighting the activities and attractions, and YouTube is the perfect way to do that. With very low startup costs, you can start publishing video content about what living in your town is like and why it’s so great. Not only will you get a ton of local engagement, you’re going to show up in YouTube searches for that area.

3. Create An Unforgettable Event

Events are one of the most powerful ways to really deepen your relationship with your local community. At least twice a year, you can bring people together for a fantastic experience, like a sports event, a craft beer tasting event, or something more family-oriented. You want people to enjoy the event so much that they look forward to it every single year.

4. Do Something Thoughtful

People in your local community have pain points, like single parents who never have time for themselves, or people who are going through financial challenges. You can do something really nice and thoughtful for them, like a fun day for the kids so they can have time to rest or get pampered. You can also send them a well-packaged meal that takes the load of cooking off their plates for a night.

Through a solution like Cavanna, you can get a whole load of meals packed up for families in your community, complete with dessert and baked goods! It’s something that shows people that you’re thinking about them and they will always cherish that. If you’re a real estate agent, this is the kind of gesture that will make people refer their friends and families to you.

5. Give Back

The local businesses people love are the ones who genuinely care and do something to help the community. Starting a charitable drive or organization is an amazing thing to do. All you need to do is think of the cause that’s closest to your heart, and do something to help. It shows that you care about making your city better, and that goes a long way.

6. Join Your Chamber of Commerce

If you’re a small business owner with very little budget to do some of the things mentioned here, one thing you can do is join your local chamber of commerce. It gives you a ton of visibility and allows you to network with and support fellow business owners. Show up for every ribbon-cutting and opening, and be a resource to other entrepreneurs. It seems like a small thing but it makes a huge difference.

7. Become a Resource for Trusted Vendors

There’ll always be someone looking for a service provider, and you can market yourself effectively by giving people access to a list of vendors they can trust. Whether it’s a plumber, a roofer, painter, housekeeper or home security, if you know all these business owners you can actually tell the community who they can trust and you could even negotiate a discounted price for them. If you do it well, you will always be the person they call when they need something, so you’ll always be top of mind.

A local business can be something really special. It can become something that brings people together, and a way for you to become a pillar in your community. The key is truly having a heart for the people in that neighborhood and city, and doing what you can to bring real value and joy to those people. There are local businesses that people love and support for decades and it really comes down to doing your part to make that place happier, safer and better.


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