The Best Modern Solutions to Building a Storage Strategy for Small Business

We are all aware of the technological advancements in recent years. On one hand, we have a type of currency that can take over the world and change transactions as we know them. On the other, we have lightning-fast devices that allow us to access a ton of information with just a screen tap.

Cloud storage

Cloud storage has been around for quite some time, and the benefits it offers to individuals and businesses are simply breathtaking. Simply put, we no longer have to carry external hard disks everywhere we go and tinker with the cable to make it work.

Still, where there are benefits, there are some drawbacks. Oftentimes, clouds can be targeted by hackers and precious information can be leaked. On a positive note though, 95% of cloud breaches are due to human error and not the security protocols of the cloud.

But cloud storage is not the only method of data storage. Read on to learn about some of the most common data storage solutions and how businesses can create a strategy to store and keep their data safe.

Direct attachment storage

Almost all desktop computers and notebooks have USB ports that allow you to transfer data from other devices and vice versa. However, this might be one of the most inconvenient methods of data storage for businesses. The main reason for this is that you will have to back up your valuable data manually and in most cases, it will take a long time.

Certain storage devices might be faster but even so, the drawbacks are huge, especially in this modern world of technology. For instance, if you want to have a backup of all your files, you will need an external hard disk. These disks will allow you to store large amounts of data as they will most likely have a capacity of 1TB (Terabyte). However, some models can be extremely fragile and a mere bump will result in you losing all your stored data.

Network-attached storage

NAS (network-attached storage) is a data storage device that allows networked (paired) devices to access data seamlessly. This device is perfect for businesses that are looking to protect themselves from outside attacks as the device completely operates locally (LAN).

Of course, these devices can be a bit pricy but the benefits are obvious. Besides the security it offers, it also offers you to back up your data online easily. To make a NAS backup all you need is a cloud storage provider that can easily integrate their software with your NAS storage device. This way you will get double the protection, and all your data and documents will be backed up locally as well as in the cloud.

Online storage

Online storage

Speaking of cloud storage, we can safely say that it’s one of the most convenient ways of data storage we currently have. Clouds are the future and businesses are slowly adopting this method of operation.

The list of benefits of using cloud storage will probably be more than a hundred pages but the major ones are what lures in new businesses each day. First and foremost, this type of storage can allow you to reduce business costs immensely. Besides that, you can reduce your IT department and cut down on maintenance for your in-house storage servers and devices.

Furthermore, you can expand your operations and utilize freelancers as part of your team since you can share data and documents with them regardless of geographical distance. Security won’t be a problem as you can decide which individual has clearance to view sensitive information.

Expanding on the topic of security, clouds are incredibly safe and backup is done automatically. Of course, downtime might sometime occur if the server completely crashes, but the backups will allow you to get back to your files in no time.

Lastly, if you do not trust third-party cloud providers, you can always ask IT specialists to craft a private cloud just for your business where you dictate its operations.

Final thoughts

Data storage is incredibly important for businesses and individuals. As we advance technologically, files get larger and larger making it extremely difficult to store them on physical storage devices. That’s why companies and individuals decide to invest in cloud storage to protect their data and important documents.

Even though cloud storage has been available for quite some time now, it’s relatively underutilized. If you are a business looking to get an edge over the competition, consider finding a cloud provider that will best fit your business needs.


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