7 Side and Main Business Ideas for Pet Lovers

Many people love pets, and many of them want to make money from that passion. There are hundreds of different ways you can do this, but these five ideas will get the ball rolling:

Pet sitting


1. Pet Sitting

If you love animals, pet sitting is probably one of the best business ideas for you. You can start small and work your way up to full time or part time employment. You can also choose to work from home or set up an office in a pet friendly neighborhood.

Charge by the hour

If your clients are willing to pay by the hour, this is a good option because it will help keep you from getting burnt out on any one animal (especially if they’re needy). This could also mean that some clients are paying more than others with more demanding pets. But if your client base gets steady enough, charging by the hour may not be necessary anymore!

Charge per visit

This option works best if there’s something specific about an animal’s needs—like needing medication administered three times daily or having special dietary requirements—and because most people want their animals well cared for at all times so as not to worry about them during their absence.

2. Dog Grooming and Walking

Dog grooming and walking is a great business to get into if you love dogs. You can give attention and care to the pets of others while making some money—it’s a win-win! Before diving in and starting your pet care service, make sure you have the right equipment.

According to Boss Dog Grooming, who offers Geelong dog grooming service, if you want to start this kind of business, there are several things that need to be considered before pursuing it: Do you need a license? What kind of advertising will work best for you? And how much should you charge for services?

3. Pet Supply Store

Pet Supply Stores

If you love animals and want to make a living by helping others care for their pets, then opening a pet supply store might be the perfect business idea. Pet supplies are everywhere. You can find them in local shops, online stores, or both. Selling your supplies online is another option that many people are considering with the rise in popularity of eCommerce sites like Amazon and eBay. You can sell anything from dog food feeders to pet water fountains/dispensers.

Brick-and-Mortar Stores

It may seem obvious that you need an actual location to sell your products at first glance. However, you don’t necessarily have to have an actual physical storefront if you want full control over what kind of products are sold there—you could also choose to run your own website instead!

4. Pet Photography

Pet photography is a growing industry, and it’s no wonder why. Pet owners are willing to spend money on their furry friends, whether it’s for grooming or buying them toys. If you’ve got the photographic skills to capture your pet’s unique personality and make it look beautiful, this could be your ticket to making some extra cash.

If you’re planning on using pet photography as a way of marketing yourself or your business, keep in mind that there are two main ways that people can use photos: as social media posts and printed marketing material (such as brochures).

When posting images on social media websites such as Facebook or Instagram, make sure they fit into the platform’s aesthetic guidelines by choosing photos with high resolution so they won’t distort when shared across different platforms. This also means that if someone wants one of these photos for print publication purposes—like putting them in an ad campaign or printing them out for business cards—they’ll have an optimal size available from which to work from when cropping out parts like logos from their backgrounds.

Pet training

5. Pet Training

When you first bring your pet home, it’s important to make sure that he or she is trained properly. A well-trained dog is a joy for everyone in the family.

Opening a boutique dog training center is an interesting business idea. Some professional trainers charge by the hour and others charge by the day or week. You will also have to decide what kind of training program you want to offer at your training center: group training classes or one-on-one training. You might want to look into agility training for dogs, that’s for pet owners who want to keep their dogs fit. Health is everyone’s area of concern. Pet’s health is not an exception for pet lovers.

6. Mobile Groomer

The mobile groomer is the ideal pet business for those who love animals and want to make some money doing what they love. If you have a passion for grooming dogs, this might be your calling. Mobile groomers have an advantage over traditional dog groomers because they are able to visit their customers in their homes or at their place of work, which means that they don’t need separate facilities to operate from like a traditional salon would. This also makes them more affordable than going to a salon, which can cost anywhere between $35-$80 per visit depending on where you live and what services you get done (for example, nail trimming).

With this type of business model, there’s no need for expensive equipment or high rent costs–all that’s needed is proper licensing/insurance coverage and some basic tools such as combs and clippers so that clients can be confident about getting quality service every time.

7. Dog Bakery

There are many pet owners who enjoy baking, and they may be interested in selling their goodies to others. Baking dog treats is a great way to make money, but you need to make sure that you’re using human-grade ingredients. If possible, purchase organic ingredients and avoid preservatives or artificial colors and flavors in your recipe. It can also be helpful if your product is gluten free or has other health benefits for dogs.


With the growing popularity of pets, there are many types of businesses you can start to make money with your love for animals. If you’re looking to start a business, it’s important to know what kind will work best for your needs and interests. Pet lovers have many options when it comes down to making money from their passion.


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