Houston Pallets Are Essential to Regional Supply Chains In 2022

Any company that supplies products needs pallets. They guarantee that the goods will be delivered safely and sound to their destination. In addition, pallets help to facilitate the delivery itself and reduce the use of packaging materials to a minimum. The production of pallets must be carried out from high-quality materials.

Wooden pallets

Let’s look at the main benefits of using pallets for businesses.

Benefits of wooden pallets

The most popular are wooden pallets. And it’s not just the budget price. They have a lot of advantages, including:

  • Strength. They can withstand a large amount of cargo. The main thing is that the wood meets all standards;
  • Ease of manufacture. Pallets can be made both manually and automatically;
  • Reusability. Wooden pallets can be sold if you no longer need them;
  • Simplicity of design. The assembly of the pallet itself is not difficult. And yet, from old wooden pallets, you can make a table, benches and even a bed.

How to extend the life of pallets

We all know that a tree, under certain conditions, can be affected by mold, insects and various microorganisms, but if high-quality wood is used in production and undergoes careful processing, there will definitely not be such problems.

Naturally, if you store the container in a damp and humid room, then its service life will be reduced.

Frost and sun are also contraindicated for wooden pallets. In winter, try to store them indoors and in summer – in the shade or under a canopy so that the hot rays of the sun do not dry out the wood. The load plays a different role during the operation of the pallets. Simply exceeding the permissible load is the cause of breakdowns, which are most often observed at the attachment points. The manufacturer sells you a product that vouches for the quality. It is in your interest to ensure proper storage and careful use.

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Industries that Houston Pallets Manufacturer served:

  • Chemical
  • Consumer Products
  • Automotive
  • General Industrial
  • Repackaging
  • Oil Field
  • Rubber

Wooden or plastic pallets?

Plastic pallets as a necessary logistical option in automated production

  • Plastic pallets do not require processing or additional preparation for transportation, subject to phytosanitary requirements.
  • Plastic pallet material is 100% recyclable, and new ones can be made from other unusable plastic pallets.
  • Long service life of up to 10 years or more.
  • Plastic pallets are resistant to most chemicals, such as acids and alkalis.
  • Safe to use, with no nails and no splinters.
  • Forklifts can handle plastic pallets from all sides.
  • Possibility of use in any climatic conditions.
  • Hygienic and easy to clean both under pressure and with the use of chemicals and antibacterial agents.
  • Typically, plastic pallets weigh 30% less than wooden ones, which helps to reduce transport costs.

Comparative characteristics

When selecting pallets suitable for storage and transport, consideration must be given to the use and handling of pallets, as well as the conditions under which they will operate. For example, plastic pallets, although more expensive than wooden pallets, perform well in automatic production systems due to the low risk of damage and the standardization of dimensions. What’s more, durable material is ideal where the stored goods must be 100% hygienic, such as in the food or pharmaceutical industry.

Plastic pallets are safe for food and beverage, chemical storage and transportation, and pharmaceutical companies. They protect goods and do not absorb moisture. If hygiene and ventilation are not key factors in food storage, then a wooden pallet may be preferable for other specific storage needs. Wooden pallets are most often used in manufacturing and warehouses due to their low cost and efficient use as raw material, as well as their ability to be repaired, serviced or resold.

It is important to consider the individual characteristics of each type of pallet so that it best suits your needs, including cost, environmental impact, usage time and hygiene. Choose pallets that meet the requirements of a particular warehouse. By taking into account their individual characteristics, you can make an informed decision that meets the needs of your industry.

The role of wood in today’s supply chain

Pallets are sometimes disregarded as an important component of the supply chain, but they are much more. They are critical to the supply chain’s efficiency and overall sustainability. Pallets are a possible answer, not a hindrance, as firms from every sector attempt to adapt their business models to embrace more sustainability.

At its most fundamental, the supply chain consists of five steps:

  • obtaining new materials
  • transforming raw resources into fundamental components
  • assembling basic components into final goods
  • pallets for sale Houston sales to end users
  • product distribution to customers

The pallet plays an important role in the supply chain:

  • provision of raw materials for assembly
  • delivering goods
  • retailer distribution
  • storage in a warehouse
  • customer-to-customer delivery

So, what is it about wood that makes it the global supply chain’s “lifeblood?” There are various reasons for this. The majority of them are related to sustainability, reusability and recyclability, and personalization.

The statistics explain the narrative of the wooden pallet:

  • In the United States, the wooden pallet business is worth $31 billion.
  • 93% of pallets in the United States are made of wood.
  • More than 90% of all items in the United States are transported on wooden pallets.
  • As of 2016, 95% of wooden pallets were recycled (in 1998, not even two-thirds of pallets were recycled).

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