BitiCodes – Trading Software That Skyrockets your Crypto Trading Career

Look no further if you are looking for a new auto trading tool to start online trading and boost your trading career. BitiCodes brings to the table everything top-notch trading software must bring and even more.

Crypto trading

If you read any BitiCodes review, you will notice mostly positive impressions with minimum negative critics. The software so far has gathered almost half a million active clients. Seasoned and rookie traders are enticed to trade with this tool due to its simplicity of usage and success rate achieved. Although it is a relatively new product on the market, it competes with the most popular auto trading tools available.

So what is actually BitiCodes? It is a crypto trading auto trading software designed according to the latest achievements in the machine learning and AI industry. It offers some 1000 digital assets encompassing the most popular ones as well as those less known and more. That way, you will be in a position to diversify your investments and better manage the risks during the trades.

Regarding safety, no glitches, bugs, or ticks have been recorded since its launch in the market. It is a very reliable tool with a high accuracy rate. It’s a good fit for rooky traders but also all those wanting to switch from manual to auto trading mode. With the BitiCodes auto trading tool, there are no harmful emotions involved during the decision-making process. No FOMO, panic, or hesitations when executing an order. The tool is created to meticulously and precisely scrutinize all the market changes in prices and trends, coming up with the best trading opportunities.

How do I start using it? You will need to register to open your account and to fund the account with the minimum required deposit of $250. During the registration, you need to enter your basic personal information. On their website, you can check out their trading guide, a kind of educational material that explains the ins and outs of the trading process and system features.

Once you read this guide, it’s advisable to start with the demo trading mode. It’s very convenient for new traders with no experience in online trading. It enables discovering the platform, feeling the market’s behavior, learns placing orders, and much more.

With no investment, the demo will allow for training in real conditions and getting to know better trading techniques. Once you feel confident, place your first order but only with a small amount so you minimize the risk of big losses. Gradually increase your investments as your confidence grows.

BitiCodes, with its high success rate, accuracy, and impeccable security, competes with the most prominent auto trading tools in the industry. It offers more than a thousand altcoins for trade, including the most popular and the rarest ones.

If you have never had experience with auto trading, a good place to start is BitiCodes. User-friendliness, demo account, and educational guide available make it the best fit for those who are just wetting their feet in the crypto world.

Disclaimer: This article isn’t financial advice.  Do your own research and/or consult with your trusted financial advisor.


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