5 Tips To Improve Business Trips For Your Employees

When employees go on business trips, you want the experience to be straightforward so they can achieve what needs to be done. You want to ensure they’re able to accomplish their work and also uphold a good reputation for the business.

Co-workers on a business trip

Both of these goals are easier to achieve if your employees feel they can focus less on the travel aspect and more on the business aspect of the trip. If they don’t have to worry about many of the small travel details, they’ll enjoy the process more and likely be more productive.

If your company is often sending employees on business trips, you might be looking for an easy way to improve the process. You may want to make these trips more enjoyable and straightforward for your employees. However, you may also need tips on how to save money and keep these business trips within budget.

Below are some general tips on improving business trips for your employees and your bottom line.

1. Make Transportation Easier

Depending on the location of the business trip, transportation may get complicated. But, you’ll make your employees’ lives easier and ensure they attend meetings on time if you set up most of the transportation beforehand.

Your employees will also appreciate not having to worry about things like getting a taxi or using public transportation. There are many options to consider, especially for most midsize to large cities. A charter van, chauffeur service, or something similar will create ease for the trip.

2. Ensure Employees Are Comfortable On The Plane

While air travel can sometimes be anxiety-inducing, you can try to reduce this stress for employees. At the end of the day, you don’t want them to be miserable and arrive feeling stressed out. While it might cost a bit extra, it’s usually worth it to ensure non-stop flights when possible and upgrade employees to business-class seats.

3. Consider Scheduling Some Recovery Time

It’s true that corporate travel is often about efficiency, and while it makes sense that you want to save money, you need to weigh the impact on your team members. For example, if someone is going on a late-night flight overseas, they’ll do better if you give them extra time the next day to recover before they jump back into work.

Allowing your employees the time they need to rest will ensure they do their best during the business aspects of the work trip.

4. Offer a Generous Per Diem

For business trips, it’s expected that the employer will cover the travel and hotel costs. Furthermore, your employees will appreciate it if you offer a generous per diem during their stay. This daily allowance doesn’t mean you have to ensure every trip is filled with luxury, but providing some money for employees to eat comfortably is appreciated.

5. Ensure A Convenient Hotel Experience

Other than transportation, lodging during a business trip is the most important thing to settle. You’ll want to ensure you pick a hotel that’s conveniently located. Also, try to find places that offer at least some good amenities to ensure a more enjoyable stay. Don’t just pick the most basic hotel available; try to choose one that has good reviews and caters to business travel.

With these five tips, you can ensure your employees have a successful and enjoyable work trip, which is better for the company overall. Your employees will appreciate it, and your company will likely be better off with happy team members.


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