Dennis Crimmins, Alamogordo Resident, Comments On How Home Buyers Should Prepare For Market Changes in 2023

The real estate market is constantly changing. What worked ten years ago probably won’t work today, and what works today probably won’t work ten years from now. As the market continues to evolve, home buyers must be prepared for the changes that come along with it. Dennis Crimmins, Alamogordo resident, shares some things that home buyers should consider as they prepare for changes in the real estate market in 2023.

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Be Ready to Act Quickly

The real estate market moves quickly, and if you’re not ready to act when an opportunity arises, you could miss out on your dream home or excellent investment property. That’s why it’s essential to be prepared before you start your search.

Make sure you understand all the available financing options and have pre-approval letters from lenders already lined up so that you can act quickly and confidently when you find a property you want to purchase. And have additional funds saved up just in case an offer needs to be made immediately or closing costs are higher than expected.

Research Market Trends

It’s important to research current market trends before buying a property to understand what changes may come down the road. Knowing which areas are growing and which are declining will give you insight into which properties are likely to appreciate over time and which might be risky investments.

It’s also important to know about zoning laws or regulations that could affect your ability to make changes or additions down the line if needed. Lastly, research local tax laws so that you know exactly how much money will need to be set aside each year for taxes on the property.

Know Your Financing Options

A good understanding of financing options is essential when buying a home in 2023. Many different types of loans are available these days—from traditional mortgages backed by government programs like FHA loans and VA loans to more flexible options such as adjustable rate mortgages or jumbo loans.

They all come with their advantages and disadvantages depending on your financial situation. Spending some time researching different loan types and speaking with lenders can help ensure that when the time comes to buy a house, you’re making an informed decision based on your unique needs rather than jumping into something blindly without knowing all of your options first.

Find An Experienced Realtor

Finding an experienced realtor can be invaluable when searching for a home. From strategizing the offer price to helping you get the best possible deal, their expertise can remove some of the fear and worry associated with buying property. An experienced realtor will also have industry knowledge and better understand your particular needs to help find exactly what you want.

They can even guide you on how best to prepare your home for sale if you are a seller. There’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to buying or selling a home – that’s where an experienced realtor makes all the difference and why having them at your side is so important.


Home buyers should always keep an eye on current market trends to prepare for upcoming changes. Having pre-approval letters from lenders ready before starting your search is critical because it allows you to act quickly when opportunities arise without having too much downtime between offers and closings. It’s also essential to research different loan types to know precisely what financing is available for your situation and any potential tax implications associated with those loans.

Sound advice from an experienced realtor can also be helpful. Dennis Crimmins, Alamogordo resident, recommends keeping these tips in mind so home buyers can feel confident about navigating the changing real estate landscape in 2023.


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