What to Know Before Buying Massage Therapy Insurance

Getting massage therapy insurance from the Insure Fitness Group should be at the top of every massage therapist list. Finding the right massage therapy insurance doesn’t just help mitigate malpractice risks; it also shows you’re a serious professional. In addition, massage therapy insurance shows your clients you invest in your business, and therefore, you’ll invest in them.

Massage therapy insurance

However, finding the ideal massage insurance isn’t always easy. There are so many options to select from that it can be tricky to determine what coverage is right for you and the policy you need. To make the process easier, below are four things you need to know.

Get Your First Coverage in Massage School

Although your massage school might have an insurance policy that covers you during school operations, you still need to get massage insurance while in massage school. That is because an insurance policy protects you outside school functions. It ensures you’re covered irrespective of where you practice the massage skills you learn.

Luckily for you, student liability insurance is always lower than professional policies.

Select an Insurance Policy that Covers Many Modalities

Licensed massage therapists need comprehensive insurance since their skill sets are quite vast. Whether you’re integrating Swedish, Reiki, or even Russian sports technique into your sessions, you need an insurance policy from the Insure Fitness Group that covers you. If you’re also a fitness instructor or a yoga teacher, adding a personal trainer endorsement to your policy will ensure coverage of many modalities.

Find Insurance That Follows You

The massage therapy career is flexible. You can work in your client’s home, a spa, or a salon. Therefore, you should look for massage therapy insurance that meets work demands. In addition, an insurance policy that’s valid in all states helps you maintain your confidence no matter where you go.

Find a Policy Within Your Budget

The cost of massage therapy insurance usually depends on the policy you choose and the coverage offered. Therefore, before you decide on the right policy for you, consider your budget and what you need. The right policy should cover your chosen massage techniques and still offer you a bit of flexibility.

Final Thoughts

We understand that you put a lot of energy, time, and resources into your massage therapy business. Therefore, you should have peace of mind knowing you’re protected from financial strain when an unexpected accident occurs. The Insure Fitness Group offers various insurance policies to cover you everywhere you go and ensure you don’t have to deal with the financial strain that an unexpected accident can bring.


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