How To Increase Brand Awareness With Custom Notebooks

If you’re searching for an exciting and distinctive promotional item for your company, you’re not alone. Businesses around the world turn to promotional items (usually containing custom logos and designs) every year for their marketing needs. And it’s a big business, worth over $17 billion. So, jumping on the promotional item train makes sense.

Custom notebooks

To give it your own personal touch, why not offer notebooks and journals instead of the usual stuff (like drinkware and pens)? An inexpensive, pragmatic gift, notebooks make a superb vessel for promoting your brand.

Here’s a short guide on how to increase your brand awareness using custom notebooks today.

Why Promote With Notebooks?

If you’re setting up a marketing in initiative and wondering why you should promote with custom notebooks, it’s understandable to be on the fence about it. But rest assured, promoting with notebooks can actually be quite beneficial to your business.

Other than the super obvious reasons—spreading brand awareness, getting your name out, physically reminding folks about your company—notebooks are just a useful item. People who buy them tend to use them often. A planner has the potential to be in use year-round (not to mention being helpful for time management and your health). Ditto for a journal or spiral notebook.

Taking advantage of that by stamping your company logo (and contact information, if you’re so inclined) on each page is a fantastic way to promote your brand. They’re also versatile and can feature different types of covers, page counts, calendars, pens, and other features to make them a worthwhile gift for anyone.

Create Eye-catching Designs

Creating an eye-catching (or eye popping) design comes down to a few things. First, you should think about your target audience. What’s going to appeal most to them? How do you want to communicate your message? Do you want to include only your logo, or will the design be more complex? Will it be patterned or plain? What kind of story do you want to tell with your design? Consider these as you plan your camping. 4

And remember that designs should be colorful—no one wants to look at a boring, drab design—and they should be able to capture someone’s attention easily.

Add Your Logo

Customizing a notebook isn’t going to matter much if you don’t capitalize on branding it. You can do exactly that by asking your logo to each and every notebook you sell. Adding a logo gives your unique custom notebooks a bit more character and reinforces your brand through images.

People tend to think visually and can be influenced by visual reminders. Permanently placing your logo on the notebook (in the center, on several pages, or even in a corner) is ideal for reminding customers about your business and possibly catching the attention of other people when they use the item out in public.

Personalize Them

If there’s one thing people love these days, it’s personalization. Unfortunately, personalization is difficult to do well and is something many brands tend to struggle with. But you can do your best to make it happen by personalizing your notebooks. One of the many perks of personalization is appreciation.

Businesses must show customers they appreciate their continued patronage and that they value their relationships with them. Personalization is a great way to do that. In addition to adding your logo and offering a variety of different notebooks, consider adding special customized messages. You can also explore including quotes, pop culture references, interesting / unique pictures, puzzles, and other designs as well.

Don’t forget you can offer different page counts, too, so anyone desiring a smaller notebook can get one or vice versa.

Use Them For Giveaways

Sometimes, the best way to conduct a promotion is to give away your customized items frequently and in various ways.

People attending trade shows and industry conferences love to receive swag bags. You could throw a notebook in one of the bags to help remind them of your brand. You can also give away notebooks as part of a loyalty program or if customers purchase a certain amount worth of products.

Selling notebooks as part of your standard inventory can also be beneficial for getting your message out. Making them a part of a gift set or gift basket for employees, friends, colleagues, and customers is also a viable distribution route. However you choose to distribute them, the most important thing is they find their way into the hands of existing and potential customers so your branding message can make its mark.


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