7 YouTube Stats That Matter to Marketers in 2023

YouTube is a dominant leader in the world of streaming services. While YouTube Red, the platform’s exclusive and paid streaming service may not be as popular as say Netflix or Prime Video, the original website is still one of the most visited websites ever. This is partly because of the seemingly unlimited content that’s so easily available on YouTube.

Watching YouTube videos

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Every growing second, YouTube gets hundreds of uploads and these uploaded videos are watched by millions and millions of people just on average. This makes YouTube the best platform for video content creators to upload their well-tailored videos and get the attention they deserve.

However, competing with just about millions of other kinds of content and competitors is not an easy feat. Some might even find it discouraging. We strongly suggest not losing faith quickly and keep producing more and more content on a regular basis to really get some attention from the audience since there are literally people with all kinds of interests on YouTube. Some are bound to be interested in what you have to say, just keep things interesting and creative.

YouTube presents you with important stats that tell you about the performance of a particular marketing campaign, how many people clicked given links, and so much more. It’s an interactive website for everyone to use.

Here are 7 most important YouTube stats that you need to keep an eye on:

1. Number Of Visitors On YouTube

YouTube’s official website informs us that the number of visitors on YouTube is about 1 billion every month. This means that for every 100 people, at least one of them visits YouTube at least once a month.

There are millions upon millions of people on YouTube and the fact that you are still here must mean that you have something worth sharing, right? It doesn’t matter if this is your first video or the thousandth video. As long as your videos can be interesting and creative, they will definitely get attention from all around. YouTube wants creators to use its platform as a way to reach their audience and it gives you full freedom in how you want to present yourself or your brand.

2. YouTube’s Usage Stats

On average, people watch YouTube on their smartphones every day. In fact, almost half of YouTube traffic takes place from mobile devices. These stats are true for all kinds of countries equally and it doesn’t matter what kind of smartphone you have or what kind of carrier service you use for your internet connection. First and foremost – take advantage of this mobile tendency to improve your marketing campaign results and get more real views on YouTube – just like that!

3. Average Time Spent On YouTube

The amount of time that people spend on YouTube each day is more than 3 hours and 44 minutes. They are not just simply watching videos either – they browse YouTube, leave comments, and like videos as well. This kind of information will help you make your own calculations regarding what kind of content will attract the audience to spend more time on your YouTube channel.

Watching sports on YouTube using smartphone

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4. Sports Stats On YouTube

YouTube users spend an average of 73 minutes a day watching content related to sports. This means that they are completely engaged while they are watching these videos! These statistics also demonstrate well how important it is to keep on producing new content all the time if you really want to improve your popularity over time.

5. Advertising Stats On YouTube

It’s no secret that attracting advertisers depends on how relevant their ads will look on the YouTube channel. It’s even better if these ads are engaging with the viewers. What kind of content does your brand or business have? If it is relevant to the audience, you will get found by advertisers.

In fact, certain kinds of videos get more advertising dollars from their viewers than others. Each dollar that a video gets from an advertiser equals a 6-fold increase in views. Your ad dollars will also be spread out on different videos depending on how interesting and attractive they look. This is what will make your video campaign work efficiently and get more subscribers on YouTube – trust us!

6. YouTube Shorts Average View Time

For the first time in YouTube history, people started to make short videos. This form of video content became popular because people just don’t have much time on their hands these days. They want to think and digest the information that they are getting from the video rather than spending a long time watching it. That’s why an average view for a YouTube short is about 4 minutes.

7. Top 3 Categories On YouTube

The three most popular categories on YouTube are music, gaming, and sports. You can easily make your conclusion about what kind of videos you need to produce if you really want to outshine or stand out from your competitors.

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So these were some YouTube stats that can really help boost your marketing campaign on the platform in 2023. Let us know how you like to approach marketing on YouTube.


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