How to Make Money from Free Online Popups: 2023 Guide

Creating a website design, purchasing a domain and hosting, as well as content making are usually costly processes. You may waste your time if you develop a website using a free website builder, but you just need to choose the proper one to avoid it.

Website pop-up

Fortunately, there are a lot of excellent solutions available now, many of which are free or provide a free trial. Thus, if you have time, you can test out some of the top website builders. Earnings from the website allow you not only to cover the expenses but also earn extra money, which over time may become your primary source of income. One of the ways to do so is by using popup ads.

It is a part of the user interface that a browser displays on top of the web page. Using a popup service for free you can create a tool that will help you increase your website’s conversion rate. For a long time, marketers have overused pop-up windows. For instance, windows could automatically reopen after being closed and remained in place until the needed action was taken. Thankfully, the criticism of popups is fading away these days, as popups may be an effective marketing tool when handled properly.

Pop up promo offer example

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Why should you use pop-ups?

By using free online popups, you can:

  • Garner interest. The visitor’s attention is drawn to the pop-up window that displays crucial information, explains the current deal, or, for instance, provides a discount for a purchase.
  • Adjust display settings. You may control the window’s appearance time, display duration, and content. Imagine a user browsing a product page when a specific discount offer appears on their screen when the viewing time reaches a predefined point.
  • Segment the popup audience that will see it. The user may be given the option to sign up for the online store newsletter via a pop-up window. Customers also have the option to select a mailing list containing products for men or women.

Popup winning formula

Three components are essential for a popup to be effective:

  1. Attractive offer. Discounts undoubtedly please the heart of a potential customer, but it’s also worthwhile to try something new and provide them with what they want.
  2. Clear text. A visitor will not attempt to explore the essence of the product and its advantages if it is difficult to understand the offer or hard to read it.
  3. An attractive visual is quite significant. When a window appears in front of a user, it is the first thing they notice. Also, if there is nothing for the eye to focus on, the pop-up will be closed right away.

How to earn money with popups?

Keep in mind these three suggestions to move in the right direction:

  1. Adjusted for the target audience. A product or service should take the shortest, most direct route to a potential customer. It doesn’t matter where he is or what page he is looking at.
  2. There are many possibilities, so let buyers make their own decisions. Discounts on initial purchases, news subscriptions, free delivery, etc. Be nice, even in the limited space of a small screen window. Remember to utilize politeness forms. Introduce yourself and highlight the importance of each consumer to your brand.
  3. Be generous. Propose compelling offers that are difficult to decline.

Idea No. 1: Give a discount on a first purchase

Any potential customer needs a cheerful and approachable way to offer content. A visitor should be taken by surprise right after the item has been placed in the cart. For example, it can be a one-time bonus or a discount. Both options are equally appealing and provide strong incentives to make a purchase.

Discount product

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Idea No. 2: Ask for an email when leaving the site

The question, “Are you leaving?” is significantly more effective than intrusive advertising offers on banners and other similar techniques. Direct communication with the customer is necessary since it causes a favorable response and a desire to stay.

Idea No. 3: Encourage purchases with limited offers

Imagine it’s time to plan a “Black Friday” for Christmas holidays or Thanksgiving Day, but website visitors need more of an incentive than just a notification of future discounts. It might be a timer that displays the number of days and hours left before the start or the end of the offer. Keep in mind that sometimes it is not done correctly. They shouldn’t exceed 20% of the frame height as it gives the impression of a “late passenger,” which irritates many people.

Idea No. 4: Develop your reminder system

If a product is not the most necessary thing for a living, even a customer who is interested in it may forget about it. Stores started to use reminders more frequently to prevent this scenario, both for the products chosen and for the prices that will eventually rise. The reminder pop-up could occur if you leave the website or become inactive.

Idea No. 5: Provide exclusive service

A personalized approach is crucial in building strong relationships with the customer. A site visitor sees a popup: “Leave your email address, and we’ll explain how to pick the best product for you.” The CRM system updates once the email address is input. The trained manager is then automatically given the task, assisting the customer by sending the promised product selection guide, responding to any queries that come up, and so on until the deal is closed.


Free online popups do not represent all evil in the world. They may even be effective and beneficial marketing tools. Following the advice above will most likely result in a noticeable rise in conversions within a short period of time. Make sure to try many popup alternatives to see which one suits your target audience the most.


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