9 Ways to Save on Car Rental

Every year more and more people choose in favor of using a rented car when traveling. Complete independence in movement can be felt only in your transport. Taxis or public transport trips are not always convenient. Therefore, the best option to get acquainted with a new country, if it is not a problem for you, is a rental car.

Car rental

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A rented car allows you to save time as a business person and get to know the country better as a traveler. The cost of the service varies, and there are always little tricks to save money on renting a car.

Booking in Advance

There are advantages to booking transport online. There are cases when a tourist is specially overcharged for a vehicle on the spot, so the previously set price will save you from cunning landlords. Check the price information, cheaper offers may appear a couple of days later. If you take up the issue of filling out the booking form at home, you will be able to find out in advance the list of necessary documents.

Choosing Proven Services

No matter in which country of the world you find yourself, and whether you wish to rent a car Dubai or New York, a good rental company with competent specialists is the key to success. They will help you carefully draw up documents and hire any vehicle you like so that your rental experience is as comfortable as possible.

Variation of Car Rental Rates

Discounts on long-term rentals are also possible in some companies. Because of this, a rental for a whole week may cost less than 5-6 days. But for the sake of caution, specify whether a fine is provided if the transport is returned earlier than the specified period.

Big or Small Car – There is a Difference

Maintenance and rental of large vehicles will cost you more, do not forget also about gasoline, so it is better to take a small car if you do not have oversized luggage.

Cars with mechanics are cheaper, so it’s better to choose them, with the ability to drive this type of car, of course.

Possibility to Change The Meeting Place

Do not get behind the wheel immediately from the airport if you want to rent a car for the entire duration of the trip. After a long trip, it’s not so easy to figure out in another country. If the rental services do not have a personal place for transport at the airport, you can pay a good fee to drive the car there. Pick up the car the next day if you arrive in the evening or at night. This way you can save money in one day of rent.

Crossing Borders

In European countries, it is common practice for a tourist to rent a car in one country and rent it in a completely different one. Due to the lack of boundary zones, this can be done, but not always. Again, your task is to find out all the important points about crossing the borders of countries and internal regions (regions).

2 Drivers

In order not to spoil your vacation and not turn it into a memory of the painful road there, it is best to go with another driver-a friend who will replace you, while letting you relax and catch your breath. It is necessary to enter possible drivers after the contract, this will play an important role in the issue of insurance if the transport gets into an accident or a breakdown occurs.

The Condition of The Car Before and After

Carefully inspect the vehicle before using it. It is advisable to do this in front of an employee of the company, so as not to make excuses to the distributor later. Check everything: the operation of turn signals, headlights, and the presence of scratches or flaws.

It would seem that such trifles, but for their damage, which you did not commit, you can pay a significant amount of money. You have to fix how much gasoline is left, and pour as much gasoline into the car before returning, because you may be asked to pay for gasoline more expensive than the real price.

Reading The Contract

Always carefully read the terms of the contract, preferably in advance on the company’s website. Some companies require only an international driver’s license. Carefully look at which insurance is included in the rental and which cases it does not cover.

We hope we have answered all your questions regarding ways to save on car rental.


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