Build a Clean Office Culture in 5 Steps

Maintaining an organized and sanitary office is key to improving the health and productivity of your employees. When the work environment is clean, everyone in the office can focus more on their tasks and feel more at ease and stress-free. However, before these positive results can be achieved, there should be tidying practices that the management and team members must commit to.

Cleaning office desk

Considering how offices can be chaotic because of their daily operations, clutter, rubbish, and other debris can accumulate eventually. When everyone’s too busy with their deadlines, cleaning the desk and the entire office may have taken a back seat. Eventually, the work atmosphere can downgrade as clutter fills up everywhere.

Before such mishaps happen and affect the overall productivity of your team, it’s important to instigate a clean office culture by applying the following steps:

1. Schedule Regular Professional Cleaning Services

Naturally, humans live a better and happier life when they reside or stay in a clean space. The same theory applies to your employees. Having a neat and sanitary workspace makes your employees happier, impacting their work performance. Since the office is clean, the air quality is better and cleaner.

To achieve this clean and neat environment, small and large organizations hire janitorial service Dallas. Some businesses may not realize how valuable and important professional commercial cleaning services can be, but you can reap the best rewards in the long run. By scheduling a commercial cleaning service, you can rest easy knowing that all the nooks and corners of your office will be sparkling clean in no time.

However, it’s best to hire cleaning services specializing in commercial spaces such as offices. They are equipped with state-of-the-art cleaning technologies and tools that can deep clean your office area rugs, floors, and furniture. Check the services they offer and the inclusions. Also, don’t forget to check feedback and reviews from their previous customers before signing a contract with them.

2. Prevent Employees From Eating At Their Desks

If you want to practice a cleaner work culture, one of the obvious rules to apply is to prohibit eating at office desks. This habit is pretty common for many offices worldwide. Unfortunately, they come with adverse results, such as creating stains and accumulating food and beverage spills on carpeted floors, work desks, and chairs. Your work area may become soiled with crumbs and sticky substances due to this practice.

The best solution is to encourage every staff to go to the pantry or cafeteria if they wish to eat snacks or take beverage breaks instead. Providing a designated place for employees to eat and drink will minimize desktop dirt. This can also translate to cost savings for dry cleaning furniture and upholstery. Not to mention, adding a pantry or break space for your employees will encourage them to take breaks more and improve their well-being.

3. Get Rid Of Rubbish Everyday

Every day, your office employees incur rubbish, and the trash can may contain all sorts of rubbish, from tissues and empty food containers to water bottles and coffee cups. These wastes can acquire a foul smell and attract bacteria and pests when left to rot in the trash bins. Having a stinky and dirty trash bin will significantly affect the quality of your office environment.

By taking out the rubbish at the end of each workday, you’ll prevent this from happening overnight and becoming a big problem. If you have a hired janitor, ensure to assign them to take out the trashes every after work shift. Also, every employee needs to practice waste segregation in the office. You should provide different bins for biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes. By proper segregation, you can improve waste accumulation and disposal in your office.

Promoting clean office culture

4. Invest In Storage Solutions

As mentioned, clutter can easily take up a lot of space in your office. The best solution for this is to invest in storage solutions. After all, avoiding office cramping can lead to a productive office environment. No matter what files or hard copies are cluttered, storing them in the right places can make your office more well-organized. You can neatly store all the small office items and stationeries in drawers, desks, shelves, and storage cabinets.

There are diverse storage solutions to take advantage of to maximize office space. The key is to find the best ones that don’t consume a lot of floor space. One example is to make use of vertical space and install shelves at higher heights. Don’t forget to label everything so you can remember where every item is placed.

5. Displace Air Fresheners Everywhere

Air fresheners are some of the best tools when it comes to keeping an office clean and smelling good. Make a habit of displacing air fresheners everywhere in the office, especially in high-traffic spaces. However, when choosing the right freshener, ensure that they are mild enough not to cause and trigger nasal and breathing allergies from people. Go for all-natural DIY fresheners that are milder in scent and fragrance, and avoid pungent ones.


Having a sanitary work environment should be a priority for employers and management. Clean your workspace efficiently and maintain it with these handy cleaning tips. Hopefully, the tips and tricks in this article can improve the cleanliness of your office. This can impact overall productivity and employee performance over time.


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