How to Find App Developers for Nonprofits in 2023

Nonprofits have unique needs for the development of applications. Some app development companies are out there to help with them. In this article, we look at the key things you need to know to find an app developer for a non-profit. Nonprofit software development is easy if you follow some of the steps outlined in this material.

App development for non-profits

Things to Know to Find an App Developer for Nonprofits

To find an app developer for a non-profit, you should know about several vital factors:

1. Experience of the company or its creators

The more experience a developer has, the better apps they deliver. This rule doesn’t work in all circumstances, but it should function quite well as a rule of thumb. One of the first things to learn about the business for nonprofit development is how long it has been on the market. In case the company is new, knowing about the experience of the professionals may also be a good idea.

The more projects a person or a whole group of individuals has completed, the higher the chance they can see some mistakes and pitfalls;

2. Experience working with nonprofits

It’s not enough to know how much experience the company has. You should also learn if it has ever worked with nonprofits in general. This factor is vital because they have unique needs (for instance, help for refugees).

It’s fine to work with a company that has general experience, but some projects benefit from businesses featuring knowledge of nonprofit demands.

3. Previous projects

You should also look at the projects a company has in its portfolio. Look at the things it can offer to the average client. Is there anything resembling your needs? In that case, you should consider the involved business.

Where to Find App Developers for Nonprofits

Finding application developers for nonprofits isn’t difficult. In fact, this process doesn’t seem different from the traditional search for products or services.

Firstly, you can look for help on freelance platforms. Many businesses advertise their help there.

Secondly, it’s a good idea to Google: the most advanced businesses invest major funds into advertisements. This means you can find some interesting options for your company by looking at the front page of the Internet search.

Points to Consider to Find Mobile App Developers for Nonprofits

To find mobile app developers for nonprofits, you should primarily look at their experience and portfolio of projects. Above all, the relevant individual should work with mobile and web development.

Another important factor is the ability to develop the project you want. Some developers focus on video games, and others work with information-centric apps. You should choose specialists with the highest degree of experience in your (and not anyone else’s) field.


To summarize, this information shows that finding a partner company for a non-profit is not difficult. What you need to focus on is an understanding of the experience and relevant portfolios. When searching via Google and freelancing platforms, creating a large list of at least several firms is the best option.

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