How to Organize, Plan and Prepare for a Household Move

Household Move is a stressful and responsible event. Every day, tens of thousands of families move in and out and improve their living conditions. In this case, we are talking about an apartment move.

Moving houses

The same, if not more, number of people in the summer period carry out house moving. There are also offices and warehouses moving. Each of them has its characteristics, but in any case is associated with worries, troubles, and material and physical costs.

It is enough to make a clear plan for the preparation and correctly choose the company for the transportation of things. You can do this if you go to Now let’s talk about the important stages of moving.

Plan and Prepare for a Household Move

Proper organization and planning can make the process much easier. In this article, we’ll look at how to organize, plan, and prepare for a household move. It’s important to remember not to leave these tasks to the last days. The earlier you start preparing, the easier it will be on X day. Let’s break down what a basic moving plan looks like.


The first step to a successful move is organization. Start by making lists of tasks that need to be completed before the move. Divide these tasks into categories, such as packing, moving furniture, changing addresses, etc. Next, determine a time frame for each task and prioritize it. This will allow you to break down the process into smaller steps and simplify it.


Planning is the next step. It includes choosing a moving date, choosing how to move your belongings, and ordering the necessary equipment, such as trucks or elevators. Choosing a moving date should depend on many factors, such as work schedules, time to pack, and readiness for the new residence.

Packing your Belongings

First, pack items that are rarely used by family members. This category includes seasonal clothing, home textiles, the library, and housewares. Pack the rest of your belongings the night before you move. It is better to pack the essentials separately and label them accordingly.

During the packing process, you will need the following packing materials:

  • Stretch wrap. Material that protects against dirt, moisture, and damage, used to pack furniture and appliances.
  • Air bubble film. Air-filled bubbles help to deliver fragile items such as glass, mirrors, dishes, and appliances in one piece.
  • It is used for packing tableware and decorative items. Fix the paper on top with masking tape.
  • High-density material is suitable for transporting clothes, shoes, furniture, home textiles, and decor.
  • Closet boxes. It is best to transport clothes, demanding the conditions of storage: evening dresses, leather, and fur products.
  • Cardboard boxes. They are designed for the transportation of any cargo. The main rule is not to overload the box. It should be easily carried by one person, which means that the weight of the cargo can not exceed 33 – 40 pounds.

Making a Detailed List of Things

Do not underestimate the home inventory. A complete list will help you to choose the right transport for the move, and decide on the packaging material, and the number of movers. In addition, it minimizes the likelihood of forgetting this or that thing.


By doing all this, you can significantly reduce the stress and inconvenience associated with moving. In addition, a well-organized move will save you time and money. Don’t forget to also pay attention to the little things, such as buying packing materials, preparing food for the move, connecting the Internet and phone service at the new place of residence, etc.

And remember, moving is not only stressful but also an opportunity to start a new chapter in your life. Take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy your new place of residence.


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